How To Secure Your Gradle Credentials In Jenkins, Using PlantUML For Diagrams In A GitLab Wiki,,, How to use Gradle api vs. implementation dependencies with the Java Library plugin, Gradle implementation vs. compile dependencies, Building a Spring Boot application in Jenkins (part 1 of microservice devops series), an instance of SonarQube running in Docker, a Java project with a class and some unit tests, the multiply method is covered by tests (green mark), the subtract method is not covered by tests (red mark). CT = conditions that have been evaluated to ‘true’ at least once Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Code coverage percentage is different than what I get in Codecov, Code coverage numbers are lower after upgrading from 6.0 -> 6.7.6->7.5, Code coverage inconsistency when using Azure DevOps. build 24-Mar-2020 18:13:42 INFO: Sensor JavaXmlSensor [java] (done) | time=1ms As far as running tests goes, that has to be outside SonarQube and Jacoco. build 24-Mar-2020 18:13:42 INFO: ———————————————————————— Yes we just track overall coverage. Property ‘sonar.jacoco.reportPaths’ is no longer supported. I suggest also having a look at the other reports within SonarQube, such as bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells. Hi @Tom, Okay. For example, if we noticed that for the last 4 months we seen the following code coverage values on new code: Nov - 20%, Dec - 10%, Jan - 25%, Feb - 15%: Curious why SonarQube does not see any point in storing these values. It was partly user error! If you don’t it will not change or you eventually replace that legacy code with something new which will have good coverage checks with sonar from the get go. But SonarQube needs a .coveragexml and does not understand the .coverage … build 24-Mar-2020 18:13:42 INFO: Calculating CPD for 0 files build 24-Mar-2020 18:13:42 INFO: Sensor JavaXmlSensor [java] Browse other questions tagged code-coverage sonarqube or ask your own question. It’s in binary format, so unfortunately we can’t take a look inside. We now see information about what class has been analysed, in this case the MathService. build 24-Mar-2020 18:13:42 INFO: Process Dependency-Check report Can you please provide some more details about the problem you’re having? It’s best to keep it to one question per thread AND you’ve already asked your other questions elsewhere. Overview. It had to do with the java that I was using. build 24-Mar-2020 18:13:42 INFO: Sensor Zero Coverage Sensor Don’t expect it to change quickly, if you keep needing to make changes to the old code it will improve. anything outside of any coverage being added for new code), The distinction is modifying legacy code counts as new code for sonar. Evangelink requested review from duncanp-sonar, michalb-sonar and valhristov as code owners Oct 9, 2017. duncanp-sonar approved … . The metric we promote is the Code Coverage because it is the one that reflects the best the portion of source code being covered by unit tests. I ran your example. Property ‘sonar.jacoco.reportPath’ is no longer supported. SonarQube is configured to start on port 9090. Copy the following into your production code // … Thanks for providing this tutorial. In the test task you have to add –collect:”Code Coverage” for the task to add a logger for code coverage. However i get 0% coverage, 100% unit test R: Since SonarQube 6.2 and the implementation of the MMF-345, if no coverage information is found the coverage is then set to zero by default. I’ve just tried running the example from the GitHub repository and I’m getting the 66.7% test coverage as shown in this article.

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