Use it to make crumbles, pies or jam. These metals will react with the rhubarb, turning it brown and possibly staining the pan. Eat rhubarb sauce plain in a bowl, over vanilla yogurt (how I like mine), or over ice cream or cake. Forced Yorkshire rhubarb trifle with rum soaked parkin crumbs, Cod with broad beans, rhubarb and lemon verbena sauce, Jersey Royals with asparagus, rhubarb and buttermilk, Join our Great British Chefs Cookbook Club. (They moved to the herb garden instead, where they began decimating the peppermint.) 2. The combination of rhubarb and ginger is delicious. People dipped the root into a bowl of sugar and bit into it like a carrot – in fact, it's said that rhubarb with sugar was the inspiration behind sherbet dip dabs. Cut a small slit under the outer edge of the rhubarb skin at one of the stalk ends. It closely resembles celery, after all, which nobody would ever think of using in a dessert! It's commonly cooked in a sweet pastry, put under a crumble topping or alongside a posset. Even though you’re rhubarb is producing seed stalks, the other stems are still safe to eat. Steep 4 tea bags in 2 liters (half-gallon) of water. The result was still delicious.) Grasp the edge of the slit and pull down, peeling a strip of stringy fibers off of the surface of the rhubarb. Now I harvest handfuls of the deep red stalks every few days. This is my mother’s recipe. Tarts are often served with a sweet custard, cream or ice cream, and rhubarb pickles or chutney often use a hefty dose of sugar to counter its tart flavour. Fresh rhubarb will keep for a week if refrigerated. Indeed, in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century 'The Rhubarb Express' was a daily train which ran between Ardsley and London during rhubarb season, transporting 100–200 tons of the stalk to Spitalfields and Covent Garden Market each day. Chill and serve cold. To freeze bumper rhubarb crops, cut the stems into 1 inch sections and quickly blanch in boiling water. Stir until sugar dissolves. In early springtime, my children excavated the sandy corner with their Tonka trucks, but one day I spotted tiny curled rhubarb leaves poking out of the mangled dirt and evicted my children from that particular dirt patch. You'll add a significant amount of fiber to your meal, along with antioxidants like vitamin C. Sweetener, such as white sugar, brown sugar, honey or maple syrup. Wow your dinner guests with this impressive yet straightforward dessert. Rhubarb is generally roasted or stewed with sugar, honey, agave syrup or soft sweet fruits and cooked rhubarb is often combined with cream in a panna cotta or trifle. Boil the mixture, stirring until the sweetener is dissolved. Who says rhubarb has to be sweet? Use this unusual perennial and try some of these delicious recipes. Repeat with the rest of the rhubarb stalks and discard the removed fibers. They should be rigid and unbruised. Chill the rhubarb chunks by running them under a continuous stream of cold water, then dry and freeze laid out on trays before tipping into bags or tubs for easy storage. 'Red Champagne' and 'Valentine' are popular late-spring varieties in the UK. The stalk of rhubarb is also consumed as food. Rhubarb is at its peak during late spring and early summer, though hot-house rhubarb is available from January to June. Use a fork to test that the rhubarb is tender but still retains some firmness. 'Forcing' rhubarb is an early nineteenth-century technique, employed by most Yorkshire rhubarb farmers. Michelle Kerns writes for a variety of print and online publications and specializes in literature and science topics. I would cut the seed stalks close to the bottom as soon as you see them. I like to add a touch of almond extract. It's most commonly used in baking, but the following recipes show that it's great for savory dishes, as well as drinks and preserves. My sister makes these Cinnamon-Rhubarb Muffins and sells them freshly baked at her restaurant. The quality soil and unique climate makes for the perfect growing environment, plus Yorkshire had great rail links to London which was important during the days when the capital's demand for the stalk was insatiable. (I substituted 2 teaspoons ground ginger for the fresh while boiling the fruit down, since I forgot to add it earlier. The stalk's signature sourness does mean that a sweetener like sugar, honey or agave syrup is used in most recipes to balance the flavour. Discard the leaves. This is one of the best cakes I’ve ever made – moist and soft with rhubarb mixed right into the batter, with a crispy, sugary crumble topping that was hard to resist straight from the bowl. It may be served over ice cream or plain cake. Rhubarb may resemble red-hued celery, but the similarity between the two vegetables ends there. Choose fresh rhubarb that has firm, intact stalks and use it as soon as possible. The whole-wheat crust is fragile yet easy to repair. Poaching, stewing and roasting are the most common techniques but pickling or even cooking rhubarb sous vide are all good options too. Forced rhubarb should be tender enough not to need peeling – just wash, then trim the top and bottom of the stalks and slice. Compote can be eaten plain, mixed into yogurt and granola for a tasty breakfast, served over ice cream or vanilla pudding. By 1657, rhubarb's miracle medicinal properties meant that in England, it was worth three times the price of opium. Stew over medium heat until soft, 7-10 minutes. Tangy rhubarb is often paired with similarly robust flavours like ginger, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, rose petals, cloves or orange peel. 1. I love it for baking, preserving, and cooking, while my kids sport the giant leaves as sun hats until they go limp. They get snatched up almost as quickly as they’re made. Meanwhile, make green tea. Most recipes require the rhubarb to be cut into batons. Stew or poach (8-10 mins) or roast (15 mins for forced, 20 for maincrop) rhubarb. Rhubarb's flavour means that it's difficult to overpower, so don't shy away from other strong ingredients like ginger, cardamom or star anise. Wash any residual soil off the rhubarb stems. She has served as a book columnist since 2008 and is a member of the National Book Critics Circle. Mix equal parts water and sweetener in a saucepan. It goes perfectly with the tart rhubarb-raspberry combination, but feel free to substitute based on what fruits are in season. Garden-grown rhubarb typically flourishes from April to September. She bakes them a wood-fired pizza oven early in the morning when the oven is still cool. Roast and purée to make rhubarb fool. Remove a spoonful of the stewed rhubarb, allow it to cool slightly and taste. Using a paring knife, top and tail the stem, slice at an angle into the size that the recipe requires – this could vary from 1 inch chunks for quick-stewed rhubarb to longer batons for roasting or poaching. A huge percentage of Britain's rhubarb production is concentrated in a nine square mile region in Yorkshire known as 'The Rhubarb Triangle' – an area which was awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in 2010. Farm shops or farmers markets may sell rhubarb with leaves attached – discard these before cooking, and don't feed them to any livestock or pets as the leaves are toxic. Some rhubarb varieties are prone to being stringy, and rhubarb which has been left too long on the plant can also develop a 'stringiness' – if this occurs, pull away any thick, fibrous strands before cooking. So I was delighted to discover this recipe that fills out the rhubarb with a double punch of ginger – both candied and fresh. Rhubarb is traditionally used in sweet recipes and, increasingly, in savoury dishes too – its unique tangy, sour flavour means that rhubarb works just as well when mixed with sugar in a sweet pie as it does in a sharp pickle. Many consider the taste of forced rhubarb to be sweeter and the pink stems to be more tender than garden-grown rhubarb. British rhubarb is cultivated in two different ways, which means that there are two different rhubarb seasons. The second rhubarb season comes later on in the year, when garden- or field-grown rhubarb naturally ripens in full sunlight. As rhubarb cooks it releases a lot of moisture, so there's rarely any need to add much extra liquid. Do not attempt to cook with rhubarb leaves. It's more conventional to slow cook rhubarb though, until the root is soft and juicy. Firstly, the 'forced rhubarb' season, which runs from Christmas to Easter. WhiteStone has a suggestion for serving it, too. They contain oxalic acid, a toxin that should not be ingested in large amounts.). Then we watched the amazingly resilient rhubarb recover and thrive. Avoid using copper, iron or aluminum saucepans when stewing rhubarb. Any white marks, floppy stems or sliminess indicate that it may have been a while since the rhubarb was picked. It’s a refreshing, delicious drink for hot days, served over ice, perhaps with a bit of ginger ale to add fizz. Add rhubarb mixture. Simmer until rhubarb softens, about 7 minutes. Remove tea bags once flavor is intense. Simmer until rhubarb softens, about 7 minutes. It’s much easier than making a pie but just as good. Kerns studied English literature and neurology at UC Davis. Combine 6 cups chopped rhubarb and 1 cup granulated sugar in a saucepan.

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