FIG. UVO activation treatment on polycarbonate substrates improves the reflectivity behavior of aluminum thin films. Time- Rf em /gm Tk-p. 325 mesh (Hrs) l 2 83.2 3.275 l.l3 60 2 3 #03 3.740 .99 30 3 3 77.6 4.560 .81 30 4 3 83.2 3.!20 l.l) 75 5 3 79.4 3.175 1.17 85 6 3 8| .2 3.000 1.23 7 l 83. ALPOLIC®/RF is supplied in 4 x 8-foot panels that are 2mm thick and weigh under 20 pounds each. Objects of the present invention include provision of aluminum flake powders having improved specular reflectivity for use in paints and other applications and a method for producing such powders as will become apparent from the following description taken in conjunction with the drawing in which; FIG. The results showed that UVO treatment greatly improved the wettability of the substrates and promoted homogeneity of the aluminum films. Location: Chicago, IL, United States of America. Pat. Highly Reflective R>95% Aluminum Reflector Mirror 1mm 2mm 3mm Thickness Philips SMD 3030 Chips, Mean Well Driver, High 130 or 150LM/W, Beam angle 60, 90 and 120 degree. It is to be seen that the reflectivity reached a peak at about 3 hours of processing and that further processing reduced both the specular reflectivity and the thickness of the flake. EXAMPLE IV Certain of the flake products produced as described in Example I were subjected to screen analysis with the results set forth in the following Table IV. as in automotive and appliance applications. A reflective aluminum panel is bonded to our PE core and backed by a second aluminum panel, creating a panel that’s much thinner and lighter than traditional options, much easier to fabricate and mount, and virtually unbreakable. When larger product flakes are desired. glass. Data obtained as set forth in Table I was subjected to regression analysis and the following reflectivity equation was derived which is believed valid over the range of variables examined. 2. Reflective Shade ClothsHighly Reflective Aluminized Shade Fabric World Famous Aluminet is a highly reflective Aluminized Shade Fabric that provides a radically cooler shade environment than does traditional black shade cloth. The results are set forth in the following Table II. EXAMPLE II A commercial atomized aluminum powder was screened to remove therefrom the 325 mesh fraction. and a reflectivity of 499?. The present invention is directed to a method for providing such flake powders and to the flake powders thus provided. Desirably, the milling process of the invention principally represents a flattening or flaking action exerted upon the starting powder. for example. The milling liquid employed preferably is a light liquid hydrocarbon called mineral spirits". respectively. 12 through 16 were made using powder (Alcan MD-X65) having an apparently generated in situ during processing. l8 but with ball to powder ratios of l:l and :l. respectively. Thickness of flake pigments can be measured by a simple standard water coverage test based on the area covered by a monolayer of flake having a given weight. Aluminum flake powder having individual particles characterized by flat. Design Engineering 010392 Reflect-A-GOLD High-Temperature Heat Reflective Adhesive Backed Sheet, 12" x 24" Sheet 4.5 out of 5 stars 427 $24.25 $ 24 . Join the ALPOLIC® newsletter program and stay up to date on the latest product releases, news and inspirational ideas. in the aggregate. It has been found that milling for an excessive amount of time can result in thinning the flake product to the point at which it starts to transmit light with an accompanying decrease in specular reflectivity. On the completion of each run. The product powder will have good water coverage. High purity aluminum was deposited on PC substrates. The data also demonstrated that powders having combined properties including a specular reflectivity exceeding 70')? The high specular reflectivity provided in flake prod ucts produced in accordance with the invention is confirmed by the generally rounded shape of the products as illustrated particularly by FIGS. ALCAN ALUMINUM CORPORATION, 100 ERIEVIEW PLAZA, P. THE ENTIRE INTEREST SUBJECT TO AGREEMENT DATED APRIL 30,1982;ASSIGNOR:INTERNATIONAL NICKEL COMPANY, INC., THE;REEL/FRAME:004195/0224, PATENTED FILE - (OLD CASE ADDED FOR FILE TRACKING PURPOSES), MERGER;ASSIGNORS:ALCAN ALUMINUM CORPORATION A CORP. OF NY (MERGED INTO);ALCAN PROPERTIES, INC., A CORP OF OHIO (CHANGED TO);REEL/FRAME:004536/0724, Production of electrically conductive metal flake, Production of highly reflective metal flake, Process for preparing pigment compositions, Metal pigment of improved storage resistance, Aluminum pigment and process for production thereof, Aluminum metal composition flake having reduced coating, A process for packaging metal pigment powder, Reflective paint and a method for its use, Web-type floor covering and method for its manufacture, Process for producing powder coating composition and powder coating composition obtained by the production process, Aluminum flake pigment, paint composition and ink composition containing the same, and films thereof, Thin aluminum pigments having a narrow thickness distribution, method for producing same, and use of aluminum pigments, Method for producing aluminum flake paste, Determine the method and device of pulverizer capacity correction factor, Bronze, bronze powders, and method of making the same, Water emulsifiable metallic paste pigments, Flake metal powders coated with fluorocarbon resin, Process for packaging metal pigment powder, A theory of friction and wear during the abrasion of metals, Thin aluminum pigment having narrow thickness distribution, its manufacturing method and its use, Brilliant pigments with multiple coatings, Bonded metal hydroxide-organic composite polymer films on particulate substrates, Low-refractive-index aggregate pigments products. with poor water coverage values in both instances. It appears that the product powder after milling is graded by size to fit the market intended with the oversize being recycled to the mill for further grinding. etc.. and in building products such as roofing paints. namely. These highly polished reflective aluminum panels are thinner, lighter in weight and easier to fabricate and mount – … In each run the milling liquid used was mineral spirits (AMSCO 66/3) having a viscosity of about 9.25 cps. Available in sheet or three-dimensional shapes, our POREX Virtek ® PTFE materials are over 97% reflective. 75/0.5 R; 75/05 A [51] Int. By comparison. Assigned to ALCAN ALUMINUM CORPORATION, A NY CORP. Aluminum flake powder having high specular reflectivity is produced by wet ball milling aluminum powder in the presence of a lubricant using a volume ratio of grinding balls to powder of at least 15:1 and a volume ratio of grinding balls to milling liquid (e.g., a light liquid hydrocarbon) which preferably is substantially equal. The system was calibrated using a polished steel sheet sample coated with a bright nickel electroplate overplated with IS microinches of standard chromium. which was ro tated at a subcritical speed of about 45 rpm. For this application a rel atively tine flake particle usually ofa size to pass a 325 mesh Tyler Standard Screen and having the highest possible reflectivity is desired. This flake exhibited a water coverage by the aforementioned test of about 5100 square centimeters per gram representing an average flake thickness of about 0.73 microns. it may be used in cosmetic applications including nail polish and lipstick. © 2019 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Generally speaking, the present invention contemplates the production of aluminum flake powders having either substantially improved specular reflectivity (R,.) 27, 1972. now US. all combined with improved economies. EXAMPLE III Material from run No. The results set forth in the following Table III were ob tained. These highly polished reflective aluminum panels are thinner, lighter in weight and easier to fabricate and mount – and they’re shatterproof.

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