[15], Pariah later appeared in the sewers of Central City, the place in which he received his new persona and reunited with Team Flash. The Masked Singer Season 4: New Teaser released. In "The Exorcism of Nash Wells," the latest episode of The Flash, the STAR Labs team successfully saved Harrison "Nash" Wells from Reverse-Flash's clutches. Shortly after the heroes Novu gathered battled to save Earth-38 from a wave of antimatter and Oliver Queen sacrificed himself to save billions of Earth-38 residents, Pariah teleported to the Arrowcave where he witnessed Oliver on the brink of death. [115] Scott Von Doviak of The A.V. Later, at The Central City Citizen office, Nash searched for the artifact that he had detected earlier that could emit ultraviolet rays. Nash rejected this and swiftly deployed a smoke bomb. He has also portrayed, in a less prominent capacity, the Council of Wells and the Council of Harrisons, which consist of various doppelgängers. Harrison Nash Wells, formerly known as Pariah, was the last survivor of his world, doomed to see other worlds die at the hands of the Anti-Monitor. Since he still collaborated with Barry and Cisco, Nash demanded that they make him the device he requested. Labs where he was examined by Caitlin Snow, who was confused about how he ended up in his current condition. In order to make up for his mistake, HR sacrificed himself by using his facial transmogrification device to make it appear that he was Iris, thus saving her life. Labs, Nash wanted to help Team Citizen with their investigation into Black Hole, but Cisco refused to let him help. Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells (Season 6) The most recent version of Wells, as played by Tom Cavanagh, to join Team Flash is geologist and adventurer Harrison “Nash” Wells, who debuted in Season 6. Occasionally, Tom Cavanagh reprised the role of Harry in the third season. She loves to apply her education to her work writing editorials and conducting interviews. Conor is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Courageous Nerd, who has conducted several interviews as well as having written articles, features, and reviews. ", "Everything We Know About Every Earth in the Arrowverse", "The Flash Recap: Greetings From Earth-19", "The Flash Maps Out The Arrowverse's Entire Multiverse", "The Flash Recap: Will the Wisdom of the Crowd Be DeVoe's Undoing? Also shown is a wizard named "Wells the Grey" from Earth-13. Joe then demanded to know why he was digging holes underneath Central City, but Nash refused to elaborate and attempted to attack him, only to accidentally trigger his gauntlet in the process and cause a cave-in. [8] It was eventually revealed that "Wells" was actually Eobard Thawne, who assumed the real Wells' identity after murdering him. Expand It was later revealed that Allegra is a doppelganger of Nash’s late adoptive daughter, Maya. Images. Occupation [25] Sherloque was written as a French man, and a rival of Ralph Dibny because of them being in the same profession. Despite sharing a profession and face (albeit falsely in Thawne’s case), the two had very little commonalities, which only helped establish Harry as a separate character. He felt gimmicky in comparison to his predecessors. Upon detecting eternium around Iris, he approached her. Labs, located in Central City on Earth-1. This is a look back at each iteration that he has played on a regular basis. It's like Tyler Durden times a thousand.". When they arrived, Barry and Nash went to investigate a noise coming from outside while Cisco hacked the fridge the cure was in. [81] During the Crisis, Sherloque perished,[67] but after the rebooting of the multiverse, his consciousness was fused with Nash's mind. All the while, he was secretly The Flash’s future arch nemesis, Eobard Thawne. To repent for this mistake, he became Pariah, a notable character from the Crisis comic book series. This caused Joe to break down and reveal Barry's fate to die in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, as told to Team Flash by the Monitor, and he has to be faithful as to not make Barry's sacrifice be in vain. Harrison „Harry” Wells – naukowiec żyjący na Ziemi-2, który zasłynął z założenia S.T.A.R. Near the conclusion, HR accidentally revealed Iris West’s location to her would-be killer Savitar. Pariah tried to save someone every time, but each person died as soon as the antimatter wave came to their world. When Nash explained to Allegra what the red stone did to Ultraviolet, her attitude towards him slowly began to change. "[109], The Council of Wells and the Council of Harrisons received a divided reception among critics; some praised their humor and Cavanagh's versatility in portraying them, while others criticized the skit-like nature of both Councils. Earth-1, however, had a different culprit due to timeline changes. theflashedit harry wells tom cavanagh dctvedit harrison wells nash wells the flash 6x11 love is a battlefield my gifs *mine my HEART i have my fears about this storyline but lord knows i'm so happy to see harry again in any form [5] On February 10, 2014, Tom Cavanagh was cast in the role, described as "a rock star in the world of physics and the mind and money behind Central City's S.T.A.R. ", "Tom Cavanagh Teases His New Character for 'The Flash, "The Flash: Tom Cavanagh & Carlos Valdes Talk H.R. Affiliation When Harrison 2 referred to Cisco as 'Crisco,' I knew this episode was going to be hot fire. Barry and Cisco questioned how McCulloch Technologies develop this, only for Nash to reveal they stole it from the Dominator invasion. "[114] He had similar feelings for the episode "Harry and the Harrisons" where Harry joined the Council of Harrisons. It projected a hologram of Mar Novu walking to the end of the tunnel before vanishing. Nash has also bonded with fellow new character, Allegra Garcia, who works for Iris West-Allen at the Central City Citizen. In season three, several variants of Wells, along with H. R., appear as candidates to replace Harry from Team Flash, such as "Hell's Wells", a cowboy from an unspecified Earth;[95] Wells of Earth-17, a British-accented steampunk scientist;[96] and a French-speaking mime artist from another unspecified Earth. Becoming frustrated with the parlor tricks, Nash demanded to be granted access to his realm, but the voice continued to demand his allegiance. In particular, Sherloque bonded with Ralph Dibny during his time on Team Flash. [90], After Cisco takes a leave of absence from Team Flash, Nash joins them as a substitute. Later, Nash attended Team Flash's meeting where they ultimately became the protectors of Joseph Carver. After that, Nash saw Harry and Harry told him that Ramon was wise. J'onn restored his memories, making Nash remorseful. Actor These are who will be discussed in this article. "[106], Reviewing the episode "The New Rogues", which features Cavanagh portraying multiple versions of Wells, Angelica Jade Bastién of Vulture said that the different Wells "let Tom Cavanagh stretch himself even more as an actor. This was how Reverse-Flash managed to nearly take over Nash's body. "[103] Screen Rant's Jason Berman ranked Cavanagh fifth on his 2016 list of 20 Best Actors in the Arrowverse, saying, "By now, it has become clear that actors on The Flash are tasked with playing various incarnations of their characters. When a version of Godspeed attacked her and Barry, Nash did not hesitate to blast the speedster which caused him to flee. Since the start of The Flash, actor Tom Cavanagh has embarked on a series of new iterations of Due to Season 6 being cut short as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Nash was still with Team Flash after the impromptu finale. He zipped lined down from where he was and pinned Cisco to the wall when he tried to introduce himself. General Information [37] While it is eventually revealed that "Wells" is actually Eobard Thawne (the Flash's archenemy from the 22nd century),[38] the real Wells was married to the late scientist Tess Morgan, whom he met when they worked as research partners in Maryland,[39] and was injured in a car crash that killed Tess and was caused by the time-displaced Thawne, who then stole his likeness using a futuristic device, killing Wells in the process in order to develop the particle accelerator sooner and return to the future.

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