The word hare was dropped on its way across the Atlantic and the fuzzier, cuddlier word bunny was applied in its place. The intensely short gestation period and well-known reproductive speed of hares and rabbits have a long cultural association with spring and fertility. This generally provides the rabbits with more protection than their cousin hares. Follow the Bunny Lady and her bunny partner Elusive and they seek to educate rabbit caretakers and make sure everyone is able to have a happy and healthy bunny in their home. And, instead of creating burrows, hares make nests in the grass. Any unrelated rabbit that tries to make their way into the warren’s territory will be viciously attacked. Until the 18th century, rabbits were called coneys, based on the French conil, shortened from the Latin cuniculus. Hares and rabbits are both in the family Leporidae, but they’re separate species. What’s the difference between a bunny, a rabbit, and a hare? Many wild rabbits are unable to make it through the winter for this reason. Amy Pratt is a lifelong rabbit owner who has been specializing with rabbits at the Humane Rescue Alliance. Rabbits are capable of running, for sure, but their main advantage is their ability to hide. Hares, on the other hand, are born with full fur after a gestation time of 42 days. They also used to build nests. Hares are typically much larger than rabbits. Rabbits and hares have very similar diets. Since hares do not have the protection of underground burrows, they have had to learn how to run very fast to escape predators. A bunny’s eyes are closed, and it is blind at birth. And, instead of creating burrows, hares make nests in the grass. Both rabbits and hares can be very prolific. In a difficult situation with scarce or limited resources, the two animals would survive on whatever vegetation is available. Hares are shy animals whereas rabbits and bunnies are extremely good pets and are very social and less aggressive. Do These Words Best Describe A Sagittarius? In winter rabbits will typically grow a coat that is only a little lighter or greyer than their vibrant summer coat. The fastest known species of hare, the Jackrabbit, can reach speeds of 45mph. As you might expect, a rabbit’s long ears do a lot to improve their hearing. A bunny and a rabbit really are just two names for the same animal. In addition to its distinct shape, hares have a kinetic skull that allows for movement between some of the bones that make up the skull. There is rarely any need to cooperate with other hares. I always get a little... You just gave your rabbit their favorite fresh leafy greens for dinner, but for some reason they aren’t excited about eating them. The phrase “mad as a March hare” hints at that mating season, when hares can be seen boxing each other as part of their unruly courtship ritual. Bunny vs Hare . But, hares are larger than rabbits. Where Did The Strange Expression “Hair Of The Dog” Come From? They will grow a thick fur coat for winter and then a thinner coat for summer. They are blind, deaf, and bald. “What’s the Difference Between Rabbits and Hares?”. In everyday language, it may seem like these three words can be used interchangeably. Hare vs Rabbit vs Bunny fight comparison- who will win? “Rabbit” is the actual and correct English word that is used to describe over 20 different related animal species. In general, hares will be found in more arid locations than rabbits. It would be interesting to understand the actual difference between bunny and hare, as it could be always confusing for a casual person. Unfortunately these rabbits have to compete for food resources. Hares are very isolated animals and spend most of their time alone. That’s where their similarities end though. These two animals have many physical and behavioral differences that help us differentiate between the two different animals. To make it even more confusing, a jackrabbit is actually a type of hare, and a cottontail rabbit has behaviors that are more similar to hares than rabbits. Rabbits, on the other hand, are born naked, blind, and helpless, which is why it’s smart for them to live in more secure dens underground. Bunny was originally (and sometimes still is) used as a term of endearment for a young girl. All hares are in the genus Lepus, whereas rabbits represent a handful of other genus in the family lagamorpha. The purpose of this isn’t fully understood, but it’s believed that the skull helps the hare absorb the impact from the ground as they race around. But that doesn’t mean that they actually refer to the same animal. Rabbits do a lot of digging. Both rabbits and hares have seasonal shedding patterns. I am here to make sure all of you rabbit lovers have everything you need to care for your fluffy little bundle of joy. You might have believed that “bunny” was the word used for a baby rabbit. Separating the two can be done by looking at the differences in size, life history, and preferred habitat. Over time, it started to mean a young and/or small animal, and now it usually means a rabbit. Since rabbits have burrows they can escape to, their main defense when faced with predators is to find a way to get back to their burrow and hide, rather than long distance running. Enter your email for word fun in your inbox every day. It may look like hares and rabbits are virtually the same in appearance. There is usually a hierarchy of rabbits leading up to the most dominant rabbit in the warren. But they are separate species with varying physical and personality-based traits. The deeper roots of hare are Germanic in origin; compare the Danish word hare. Both animals have long ears, powerful back legs, and a divided upper lip. Rabbits, on the other hand, live in family warrens and can have a very complex social structure. Hares are usually shy and isolated creatures, but their spring mating ritual makes them most conspicuous to humans in March and April. The night before Easter, children would find a quiet corner in their house and make a nest out of clothing for the Easter hare to come lay eggs (the origin of the Easter basket). Rabbits and hares are not the same animal. 7 Tips For Compiling And Creating Writing Samples That Stand Out, Discover The Origins Of These Cooking Tool Names. Rabbits will try to hide. link to Feeding Wild Rabbits, the Do’s and Don'ts, link to What to Do If Your Rabbit Stops Eating, Rabbits and hares have very similar diets, Require many weeks of protection from adult rabbits, Require little care and protection from adult rabbits, Cohen, Robert. “Speed of Rabbit of Hare.”, Langley, Liz. So, what about bunnies, and specifically the Easter bunny? When it comes to daily life, rabbit and hare behavior is very different. Rabbits prefer to hide, rather than run, from their enemies. They will love to eat vegetables, grass, and leafy greens with soft stems. However, when there are abundant resources available, rabbit and hare diets will differ just slightly. Hares and rabbits are both in the family Leporidae, but they’re separate species. Incidentally, that’s also the origin of the name Coney Island (or Rabbit Island), the beachside amusement park in New York. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. These two terms are often used interchangeably to describe the same animal. Wild rabbits can do very well with winter temperatures. Both rabbits and hares are in the family Laporidae and the order lagamorpha, so the two share a lot of similarities, but they represent different Genus and Species. Their ears also play an integral role in helping the rabbit to regulate their body temperature, preventing heat stroke and hypothermia. But, hares are larger than rabbits. There's more differences, but aside from appearances (hares tend to be much thinner and longer ears), that's a big difference. A rabbit, a bunny, and a hare walk into a bar, can you tell them apart? “Cost” vs. “Price”: How Much Is The Difference? Which Turkey Came First: The Bird Or The Nation? The German children used to have rabbit's nests filled with decorated eggs. It sounds similar to the way puppy is used for a young dog, so that seems a logical conclusion. Eggs are also a fertility symbol, and during the Lent fast, Catholics were traditionally not allowed to eat eggs, so they became part of the Easter feast. The most distinct difference between rabbits and hares are the differences in how the young are born and cared for. Most of the time hares will not associate with each other unless it’s time to mate, at which point they will pair off. If “bunny” is not the name for baby rabbits, where did the term come from? Their ears also have a black tip. While sometimes, this is just a picky rabbit who is turning up... My name is Amy and I am the Bunny Lady! Alternatively, rabbits will usually prefer to eat softer vegetation. Hares will not burrow underground, instead they are surface dwellers.

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