Swashbuckler rounds out the perk package for a solid DPS boost. It’s how I farmed for a go figure way back in early forsaken, and a full prodigal set for the titan later on. This may take some time... Don't bother farming engrams from Rahool. With 22 rounds in a mag, you get more than enough ammo to finish off an enemy before swapping back to your main weapon. More posts from the sharditkeepit community. Especially with a very minor recoil, players can unload their magazine into the enemy with relative ease. High damage and long range for a hand cannon is rare and one of the reasons Luna's Howl is one of the toughest to acquire. It’s how I farmed for a go figure way back in early forsaken, and a full prodigal set for the titan later on. Demolitionist/Elemental Capacitor. So as a competitive weapon, it's about as tough as it gets, otherwise it might be better to choose something more versatile. You are not allowed to view this content. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It is a 150RPM hand cannon with random rolls. This is topped off with the Explosive Payload perk that deals a larger area of damage wherever the bullet hits, taking away the need to be laser accurate with every shot. It's part of the world loot pool, so there is no 'sure-fire' place to farm. dire promise 2: steadyhand hcs / sureshot hcs. Create Fireteam Comment Reply Start Topic. The Supremacy is a Rapid Frame sniper rifle that sees some play in both PVP and PVE. Luckily this shouldn't be an issue for those that are looking for a more long distance shootout anyway and cements the gun as a prized weapon in the arsenal. A lot of enemies generally means a lot of legendary engrams dropping. This puts it at one of the top spots for laying enemies out in a short period of time and doing it at range is even better. One of these two raids is Last Wish, which is not only the longest in the game but boasts quite a few popular weapons. Another gun that can shoot a mist of bullets in a blink, Luna's Howl also has the useful advantage of dealing damage at long range. Dire Promise is very much like other weapons in … Steadyhand is the best sights on a 150, BUT it won't be a 150 any more in a couple weeks. dire promise 1: steadyhand hcs / crossfire hcs. Soul Devourer strengthens the first perk when the left behind Residue is picked up while refilling the magazine. There’s not really a way to “farm” a dire promise specifically since it’s just a random world drop so farming random world drops is the closest you can come. opening shot. Otherwise its pen to paper, writing as much as possible! Spare Ration is the Austringer's more risky, bad boy brother. Rangefinder is a good secondary Perk to further boost zoom range, but if you want more DPS, Swashbuckler can also be helpful. I got a few from the boss in the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector on Io (I wasn't farming for it). High-Velocity Rounds/Implosion Rounds. The only oddity is the vertical recoil that comes in after a shot but it's a quick learning curve to get over. 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In fact, only a select bunch of hand cannons can compete in Destiny 2's long list of available weapons.

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