Consigners to the buck test were eligible to enter a goat in the contest. Quality can be associated to different aspects as nutritional attributes (low fat content or healthy fat profile), production system (sustainable, organic or welfare friendly, for instance) or particular sensorial attributes (optimal odor, texture or flavor and, at the end, some extra hedonic satisfaction). This year, ten bucks from ten different consigners were selected for harvest and deboning. We are IntechOpen, the world's leading publisher of Open Access books. Carcass and Meat Quality in Goat, Goat Science, Sándor Kukovics, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.72095. On meat aptitude goats, Ref. Small differences between breeds are reported only at short aging periods. Goat is a worldwide spread species with different specialities and aptitudes, among the meat production. A dairy breed such as Murciano-Granadina presents the lowest subcutaneous fat percentage, although not different from the local meat purpose breeds, reflecting the tendency for dairy breeds to store more visceral than carcass fat. As it has been previously commented in the introduction, consumption of goat meat in Western countries is less common than lamb consumption, but there are no doubts about the specificity and own sensorial characteristics, attributes, and qualities of goat species. It is undeniable that goat meat has it own characteristics, which are different from other ruminant species; however, it presents a good acceptability comparable with lamb meat, a species whose consumption is more worldwide spread, especially when young and milk kids are considered; then, an adequate cultural development of goat meat characteristics could contribute to its consolidation by increasing its demand, because it has its own characteristics and singular high-quality attributes. However, [38] reported small differences between slaughter weights on other chemical components, where animals from heavy carcass presented lower moisture percentage (75.7% vs. 77.8%) and higher protein content (18.8% vs. 17.1%) than light kids (which had 3.5 kg less of carcass weight). Nevertheless, [57] have not reported statistical differences in odor, juiciness or overall palatability between both species. Preferences for a specific color (paler or darker) depend on the type of consumer considered (usually conditioned by the nationality, cultural background and experience or consumptions habits [36]). Contact our London head office or media team here. Values per 100 g of an edible portion. Mutton is a female (ewe) or an adult noncastrated male (ram) or a castrated male (wether) with more than two permanent incisors in wear. It is convenient to remark that in young suckling small ruminants, the fat composition is closely related to the composition of the milk consumed (especially short chain and saturated fatty acids, SFA) [38, 46]. To date our community has made over 100 million downloads. In Ref. In 2011, a preliminary study was initiated to compare the carcasses of pen-fed vs. pasture-raised goats. Average carcass weight differs depending on the continent or country considered, being 12 kg a world average, and 10 kg for Europe or Spain [1]. On the other hand, from a commercial point of view, an increment on slaughter weight from 4 to 6 kg may not improve cold carcass yield in Serrana meat breed [27]. In Ref. However, within suckling animals (the most consumed in Spain), some dairy breeds (Murciano-Granadina) show higher scores (highest fatness) than local meat purpose breeds, even when those parameters are covariated by CCW, showing their highest precociousness. Also fat composition affects organic attributes, especially those related to flavor, and consequences of lipid oxidation (rancidity). There were no differences in SFA between the type of animals, with values comprised between 46.5 and 42.3%; dairy breed had a higher percentage of MUFA (40.49%) than meat animals in both weights, similar to n-6 PUFA than heavy kids (10.23% and 8.39%), and lower n-3 (1.12% vs. 4.46%) and higher n-6/n-3 (7.79% vs. 2.26%). Thus, some meat breeds presented the longest pelvic limb, but dairy or meat breeds did not statistically differ either on carcass external length, buttock width or chest depth, showing small differences in morphology, independently of their main aptitude. In 2012, the study was repeated, with 15 goats in each treatment group. [38], it was reported that fat composition of the meat aptitude breed Bermeya slaughtered at two different weights (7 kg CCW vs. 10.5 kg CCW) was statistically different on the percentage of PUFA, n-6, n-3, and its ratio. © 2017 The Author(s). Also, they have high muscle and bone percentages and low content of fat, especially subcutaneous fat. However, a common factor is the presence of few studies in comparison with ovine, especially those that characterize the quality of its products (related to carcass and meat). Color attributes of goat’s meat from different studies. The https:// means all transmitted data is encrypted — in other words, any information or browsing history that you provide is transmitted securely. Evaluation of meat quality can be defined by different attributes or variables. In this sense, there are a few studies that compare kid and lamb meat, and results as those from [55, 56] reflect that lamb and goat differed mainly in aroma, tenderness, or fibrousness, but in very young animals, those differences decreases tending meat of both species to be similar. According to Ref. Nevertheless, goat is a species in which alterations with low pH (PSE) or high pH (DFD) are not usual. Detailed information about different methodologies cited in this section and along the chapter can be consulted in [17, 18, 19]. [22]. Gender usually does not modifies pH [27, 35]. Some differences have been reported among breeds [37], due to the different aptitudes of the breeds or crossbreds compared: fiber, dairy, and meat. Licensee IntechOpen. Its consumption varies widely depending on the region of the world considered. The highest luminosity (L*) have been reported on crossbred meat x dairy genotype (Boer × Saanen) and the lowest redness (a*) and yellowness (b*) for meat and wild goat crossbred genotype (Boer × Feral). It should be attractive with a good design, and if possible interactive, providing information on the product’s origin and background, its nutritive and sensory qualities and veracity between the written and the reality [21]. Guerrero et al. The lowest performances have been reported in animals of 120–180 days of age, from Chilean Creole breed, with a 45.1% carcass yield [28], and the highest at young Gigertana kids of 25 days of aging with a 70.6% carcass yield [29]. Goat meat attributes were more related to beef and beaver meat than to lamb. The goat industry could likely benefit from the creation of a set of grade standards somewhat similar to … The differences between the commented countries or world regions, can reside in the own use and habits of consumption of goat meat. It was hypothesized that the different order effect is affected by the familiarity or unfamiliarity that the consumer or panelist has with the product taste. To determine quality in relation to meat, we should focus on a specific market [21]. This idea is more than a necessity in the twenty-first century. This indicates that in spite of several intrinsic differences between those light or heavy kids, in general, the consumer do not perceive the final product as different, despite coming from different weights, ages or production systems, with a suitable overall acceptability. One mark on each side of beef carcasses. Meat goat carcass evaluation. [40], gender did not affect texture parameters also after 3 days of aging, in which medium values are between 8.3 and 8.4 kg/cm2 on shear force. Differences of almost 5 N/cm2 were reported between different meat breeds at 20% of compression, 16 N/cm2 at 80%, and 23 N/cm2 at 100%, being the maximum values of 14.96, 79.74, and 101.70 N/cm2 for C20, C80, and C100%, respectively. Usually, as happens in other ruminant species, breed modifies texture parameters, especially when different aptitudes are compared. Related to sensorial acceptability of meat from goat, there are differences between breeds and age of slaughter, being preferred young kids respect heavy or adults by presenting not so strong taste. The concept of quality is complex and dependent on the aspect that it is considered. Age and slaughter weight also modify some fatty acid groups on intramuscular fat depot. Publishing on IntechOpen allows authors to earn citations and find new collaborators, meaning more people see your work not only from your own field of study, but from other related fields too. Slaughter weight also did not affect proximate composition [34], only fat percentage for the meat breed Pirenaica, which proportion decrease with the age of the animal from 2.05 to 1.37%. Over the last 50 years, as [3] compiled, goat population has multiplied by 2.4 times while other livestock species have maintained it or reduced. Then, slaughter weight has a stronger effect in organoleptic characteristics than breed per se, as happened in lamb, because the volatile precursors of aroma formation [48, 49] and their contribution to species flavor increases with animal age, although it could be modified by the diet [50].

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