By using this web site, you agree that we set cookies. The Gate Safe MOT provides a clear visual reference to indicate that a gate has been installed / maintained in line with best industry practice. Underground operators with a detachable shoe release can be especially prone to this and therefore need regular inspection and lubrication to keep the release working. The result is a modular safety gate system that fits your requirements. The force towards the hinge is much greater than at the slam stile and inherent force limitation does not remove the risks.In the case of the gates detailed above, subsequent to the event, full length safety edges have now been fitted to the bottom of the leaves on the outside of site, creating a much safer system.Check out the extensive guidance and risk assessment documents in the Gate Safe members area www.gate-safe/members to ensure you are up to speed with the correct placement of photocells and safety edges – and ALL essential protocols to ensure a safe and compliant installation. Installations featuring inverted hinges mean that all the weight of the gate leaf is being supported by one hinge, therefore significantly increasing the possibility of failure. In order to achieve compliance the gate should have undergone a full risk assessment. The lady noticed the gates moving but could not move out of the way quickly enough. E-Mail: Benefit from an economical series connection, rapid diagnostics, additional control and pushbutton elements and an optional escape release! Tidy wiring results in safer gates!How many times have you come across a control cabinet or box that when opened, deposits a large ball of wires into your lap? Of course, we all hope that there will never be cause to use it, but if a scenario does present itself, there must be confidence that it will be working properly. These can sometimes be more complicated to use compared to a simple key release, so it is vital to have the correct operation instructions clearly visible so gates can be released easily and quickly should an emergency arise.At Gate Safe we view the manual release as a critical part of the system. 7150 Commerce Boulevard Photo Eyes, Safety Edges and other Sensing Mechanisms are designed to detect a potentially dangerous situation, such as a vehicle blocking the gate … It can be combined with safe control technology such as the safety relay PNOZsigma or the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2. The lady was standing in the gate way, between the two pairs of photocells as the leaves started to close. Safety edges had been installed horizontally to the bottom rails on the inside of site to cover the opening. Combine the safety gate systems PSENmlock and PSENslock with other components such as Safety Device Diagnostics and the pushbutton unit PITgatebox. NO SAFETY EDGES HAD BEEN FITTED TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE GATES.As a result of this omission the following occurred. Swing gates: have the hinges been designed in such a way as to eliminate reducing gap? Training is available from the manufacturers which we would recommend prior to installation. Two further edges had been fitted to the walls that the leaves opened up towards, to prevent any crushing risk from the motors. It is not unusual for the mechanism to seize up over a period of time because it is generally not used in the day to day operation of the gates. This then means that the keys / lever / tool to disengage the manual release MUST be readily available and close at hand. Can the gates be positioned to avoid crush hazards?Sliding gates: has the run back been fenced off? E-Mail:, Telephone: +1 877 745-9872 Not exactly the best start for helping you fault find or carry out a maintenance task!Ensuring tidy and labelled wiring can play a part in leading to a more reliable and safe system overall. It was only the quick reactions of a passing neighbour who picked the lady up and moved her, that prevented a catastrophe. CT4 6YE. It is important to make sure that photocells are wired into the correct circuit on the logic board to revert the gate in the desired direction. Just because the standard has changed it doesn’t mean that all existing gates featuring just two hinges are deemed safe. If you then try to reduce the force applied by the motor and increase the sensitivity on the obstacle detection, the end result will be the gate has insufficient power to move. with power reset), (1) Bistable principle: Power-ON applied for guard locking and power-ON released for guard locking.​. To the untrained eye, there is no difference in the appearance of a safe or unsafe gate. Gate Safe has developed a practical guide to provide advice to installers on the role they play in improving automated gate safety. Fixed between the hang post and the gate leaf, the tether will deliver peace of mind that should the worst happen and one of the hinges fail, at least the gate cannot fall.We understand that adding a third hinge would be the ultimate answer but on many gates this could be very complicated and time consuming to carry out.

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