Please ensure the shipping and billing information are complete, valid, and correct. You may track your package online at the Canada Post website or by logging in to your account. That's how I feel about my COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid—one of the only items in my skincare routine that has "Holy Grail" status. Generally speaking, the Asian beauty industry prints the manufactured date instead of the expiration date on their products. Always read the label and use the products as directed. Please consult the ingredients list and patch test before full application. The Fungal-Safe label does not constitute as medical advice. ** Delivery times listed do not include processing times. This one is one of my escape. As such, there will be no delivery of mail on holidays or on days in-lieu-of holiday. First, let me give you some context for just how much I love this product. In fact, I was so devoted to Lotion P50 that I didn't even want to TRY the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power Liquid is an easy to use product that effectively reduces blackheads thereby saving salon visits. But here's the lowdown anyway! It's an exfoliating, brightening, smoothing, acne-fighting and anti-aging treatment... and it's something I'd recommend for almost everyone! Alternatively, you can just concentrate the gel on any areas of congestion or dead skin, such as the chin, nose and forehead. You just need to give it a month or so to see the full effect! However, the displayed prices are only approximates as the exchange rates will be based on your credit card rates during checkout. CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid You won't believe what it can do for your skin. There are certain classes & groups of ingredients that have been shown to promote and feed the growth of the Fungal Acne, Fungi such as fatty acids, oils, esters, polysorbates and fermented ingredients. So much love! You may also track using USPS online after the package has crossed into the U.S. border. Optional tracking number can be purchased at checkout. Get in touch! Prices and shipping rates are subject to change without notice. If you want to see any brands on our website (or have any suggestions), please contact us at Alright, on to the ingredients. Can't skip this babe for 2 days in a row. We've taken the Sulfates which are considered more harsh for our Sulfate-Free status. The only downside I've noticed has been dryness, especially during the first week, but that's mostly gone away with continued use. We carry only reputable brands from Asia that have demonstrated quality and safety to the skin and the body. However, the majority of the scientific community have deemed these findings non-conclusive due to the limitations of these studies. With my latest purchase, I noticed they've removed that, and just recommend SPF 30 sunscreen. Have suggestions, comments? i have sensitive acne/prone skin and this is so gentle on my skin. Additionally, products that may contain ingredients that have shown to feed Malassezia may not neccessarily exacerbate the condition due to concentration of ingredient used in the product, this information is simply not available on the products. If a refund is requested, the amount of the original shipping cost and the package return shipping cost will be deducted from the refund amount. Packages sent back to us due to incorrect, incomplete, and/or undeliverable address may be subject to additional fees if a re-delivery is requested. (While you can't technically "change" the size of your pores, they can definitely stretch and look bigger when they are filled with oil and debris.).

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