under custody of the Police , Police Station. physical disability due to negligence of others. Read 'Instructions on 2016 seizure notice' (available in Downloads below). The pound staff will also send the registered keeper a notice letter with the details of what's happened to their vehicle. If we're not satisfied that your insurance is valid for the release of an impounded vehicle, we may ask you to provide written confirmation from your insurer. Please make sure you've declared all the relevant facts to your insurer, including: If you took out the policy after the vehicle was seized then you must also declare relevant pending convictions. What are the documents to be attached. That the vehicle met with an accident at on ______ at about ____ P.M. 5. If you've already given your licence to us we'll need evidence of this together with another type of verifiable photo ID (one from the list above). You can find full details about the statutory charges in the Road Traffic Act (Retention and disposal of seized vehicles) Regulations 2005 – amended 2008. I, Mr. / Ms. _______________ aged _________ years, Occupation _______ The interim custody of the motor vehicle is given to the AND FOR THIS ACT OF KINDNESS, THE HUMBLE APPLICANT AS IN DUTY BOUND, seeking appropriate Writ for Fundamental Right, Format The parent or guardian must sign an undertaking that the vehicle won’t be used on the road again, or be sold to a holder of a moped licence, until it’s been returned to a state where it complies with the legal status of a moped. You'll need to produce a valid certificate of motor insurance that permits the release of a vehicle impounded by a government authority before your vehicle will be released, even if you don’t intend to drive it on a public road. Application format to release stolen vehicle from Police Custody, with Affidavit. A letter explaining this procedure should be provided by the seizing officer. and proper by this Hon'ble court so that I can carry out necessary repairs. That my above vehicle may be ordered to be released to me against proper We can’t accept payment over the phone; the cardholder must come to the pound. for recovery of money against return of cheque, negotiable The Applicant is ready and willing to give undertaking or furnish ]y{w���~�� ���$��XY �xh��h�="�����ozK�r�d��9aF@Rȭ�OU��d�I=�|� �\% The Police take charge of the Vehicle on two occasions. If the vehicle's excise duty has expired, the vehicle may be seized again by DVLA if it's driven or parked on a public road. x��]Is7�����W��f���[�L�C�E�51aρ�"iLR4MJ�?2�w2�& Litigation, Format of AOR (Vehicle Related Offence) Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 Chapter 4 - Section 79A, 79C, 79E, 79G Form 203 ver. Resident of ________ the Applicant do solemnly affirm and say as follows: P.C. download. You’ll receive a copy. 2. If you forget to bring them, you can buy some at the pound. The third party must pay the charges and have: If your vehicle is being collected by another person on your behalf, that person must hold a valid driving licence and a valid certificate of motor insurance that allows them to reclaim the seized vehicle from a police pound. We'll only give property from the vehicle to the owner or registered keeper of the vehicle, or to the driver at the time of seizure. required. seeking Injunction against illegal construction, public nuisance etc. The driver’s details can normally be confirmed from the seizure notice. If in doubt, contact your insurer before you come to the pound. How to prepare anticipatory bail application for the owner of the vehicle can file an application annexed with documents proving purposes, General power of attorney format download __ (GPA) General A motor trader can't release a seized vehicle on your behalf. Since it is a letter of authority, it has to be carefully structured and it has to be written in a highly crisp manner. against OA of Petitioner, Writ Petition The court or the police are not required to keep the vehicle in safe custody. bond or undertaking as required so that I can use the vehicle for my daily Bail application format under Section 437 CRPC download. Leave this site. ownership of the vehicle. 457, Cr. If your vehicle has been issued with a PG9 prohibition notice, isn’t roadworthy or won’t start, you need to arrange for a fully trained, equipped and insured vehicle recovery operator to collect it at your own expense.

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