What were acoustic Spanish guitar strings originally made out of? I was not asked my preference, but the bridge was flush when I dropped it off. Do not remove all the strings at once, as the bridge is held in the correct position only by the downward pressure of the strings. Floating Bridge Adjustment. If the pitch of the 12th-fret note is sharp relative to the pitch of the 12th-fret harmonic, lightly tap the foot of the bridge to move it back toward the tailpiece until both pitches agree. The position, height and saddle spacing of the floating Space-Control bridge are preset at the factory to standard Gretsch specifications. If you follow the instructions given in this article, you can not only avoid damage to your guitar, but also fix the bridge yourself. reply #4. I just bought a washburn guitar with a floating bridge. To adjust floating bridge intonation on a guitar, first check the 12th-fret harmonic and the fretted 12th-fret tuning of both E strings (high and low). This will loosen the springs, allowing the bridge to raise from the string tension. I read that a floating bridge can put additional pressure on the neck and may also case some tuning issues. If the pitch of the 12th-fret note is flat relative to the pitch of the 12th-fret harmonic, lightly tap the foot of the bridge to move it forward toward the neck until the two pitches agree. Let us know, either way!, so is there a chance that the springs will break if i tighten them to much Anthony King is a freelance writer and amateur filmmaker. The "Guitar Hero" Guitar Won't Connect to the PS2. you read and agreed to the. Unscrew the six screws that holds the plastic cover in place on the back of the guitar. 1. Sounds like you have a floating tremolo, which balances between the string tension and spring tension inside the guitar. A floating bridge is a term that refers to a guitar bridge that is raised up and not flush against the body of the guitar. This is the first time I used this guy for a setup so I'm not sure the rationale. If the string is too close to the fretboard, stick the long end of an Allen wrench in the hole at the base of the guitar's headstock and turn the wrench counterclockwise. The bridge of my guitar looks as if im doing a really big dive bomb. Convert a Classical Guitar Into a Flamenco Guitar Hybrid→. Hold the last fret of the guitar on the 6th string. on G. If I fixed it with a wooden wedge or something will it help? To adjust string spacing, loosen the string slightly and lift it gently just in front of the bridge, then move the string wheel by turning it in the desired direction. This will force the metal claw that the springs are attached to, to pull closer to the body of the guitar, which pulls the bridge back down into place. These have always gone out of tune for me - esp. If the bridge once again comes up from where it should be, detune your guitar and repeat step 3. However, guitarists can adjust saddle/string spacing and string height to their own personal preference. So, to answer your question, it would probably be a bad thing to let the bridge touch the body, as the strings may fret out (sound muted), and be somewhat unplayable. This will force the metal claw that the springs are attached to, to pull closer to the body of the guitar, which pulls the bridge back down into place. (Be aware of string tension, as you could break them if they're too tight, when you tighten the spring adjustment, too). Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Note that the bridge does not have to be completely flush with the guitar's body, if up to 1/8 inch of the bridge floats, that is not a problem. This adds more tension to the neck and subsequently pulls the bridge up out of place. If bridge is lower, then with the back cover plate removed, adjust the screws for the springs OUT (only in small increments, like 1/4 or 1/2 turn at a time, so you don't strip out the threadholes).

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