Correctly! It's time to bolt on your next dream neck!Modern “C” Shape: Thin profile, easy/fast playing, usually 9.5” radius, the Fender gold standard for the past 25 years. Thats an upright! Where it gets really confusing however is that a letter designation can refer to the neck shape OR the nut width. I have a 1977 P bass…and yes it’s a U neck…a serious chunk of wood. Below is a list of the 3 most popular profiles we offer including key Fender models that each can be found on. I have never heard or seen a 1 7/8″ in my 49 years of playing Fenders. D – 1 7/8-inch. Many players develop a real and lifelong personal affinity for a particular neck profile. What sets the compound-profile neck apart from the rest? This means a C does have a shape similar to that of a letter C, a V actually looks like a letter V on the back, and so on. 1974 p bass which I brought new and had It for 10 years really nice bass yes they are Although bass guitar necks can be built to any number of different sizes and shapes, more often than not a player does take the letter designation of the neck into consideration when shopping (especially if buying online unplayed). But if you tried using the same terminology with your bass player friends or salespeople at the guitar store, you’ll most likely get the deer-in-the-headlights look. Moses. ??? Jazz Bass nut is 1.5″ or a A. P Bass is a 1 5/8″ or a B. I just measured both of mine. In addition, the older 7.25-inch radius can in fact “fret out” when doing bends of at least one semitone. But this is incorrect terminology. What really sets the neck apart, though, is its compound profile. HOW DO THE NECK SIZES AFFECT THE ” T O N E “. The older P basses were the 1.75 nut width and a 7 1/2″ radius? Hard V or just V – Mid-1950s shape NOW it plays like a Fender! If anyone has a picture I’d love to see… If it has the heel stamped as D, I’ll believe you. Soft V – Early 1950s …and these were the original letter designations for Fender necks well before the whole neck-shape-by-letter thing came into being. U – Early 1950s or 1970s shape C – Late-50s oval shape Factory standard for a Precision Modern “C” neck is 1 11/16 which is still slightly too narrow for me. You play one of those, and oh yes, you’re holding a whole lot of wood – literally. You’ve obviously heard some players say something to the effect of, “Only a real ’63 feels like a ’63!” Well, there’s more truth to that than you realize, because it could very well be that in ’63, Fender decided to use a Medium V profile…. That’s where the compound-profile neck, with its graceful “C” to “D” metamorphosis, comes in. IMPORTANT NOTE: The terminology Fender currently uses for the larger old-style C is literally called “Large C”, such as on the American Vintage ’58 Precision. C – 1 3/4-inch From the early ’60s to the early ’70s, Fender referred specifically to the nut width of its instrument necks using the letters A (1 ½”), B (1 5/8″), C (1 ¾”) and D (1 7/8″). Especially a 5er Not true. You will know a Large C when you pick one up, because as said above, it’s chunky. "The idea behind this compound neck profile is to meld the super comfortable back shape of the American Elite Series with the player-preferred 9.5" radius fingerboard from the American Professional Series for an all-new feel that is exclusive to Mod Shop customers," said Fender Vice President of Product Development Joey Brasler. Letter designations for bass guitar necks is more or less “a Fender thing”, and because Fender terminology is so pervasive in bass builds, Fender’s letter designations are used even for bass guitars they don’t even make. When looking at the neck in cross section, that is, it begins with a modern “C” shape at the nut and gradually morphs into a modern “D” shape at the body joint. I have never even seen a picture of a ‘D’ nut width on a Fender instrument, even though they offered it. Out there but not common!! . Or a graphite neck ie. Factory standard for Jazz basses is 1.5. Hi to guy who said d size neck don’t exist on fender p bass,I had a d neck on my The modern Fender American Standard Precision Bass is a guitar with a B neck with a Modern C neck shape, with B referring to nut width, and Modern C referring to the curve shape of the back of the neck. Hi, is there a fender jazz bass neck that cld fit a Fender Dimension body Customers often ask for recommendations on which neck profile is the best fit for their hands and playing style. And yes, learned players that know their Fender vintage necks can feel the subtle difference between a Soft V and a Medium V. Better luthiers know the old-style letter designations for Fender nut widths. What I did is listed the most commonly known shapes. Can I replace a p bass neck with 1981 fender bullet bass deluxe USA ? I’m making some templates on my CNC and I’m trying to do it once….. It is my understanding that the original B necks(like the one I had in 1964) were 1 3/4″, the current P bass neck is the a neck( I bought one in Manny’s Music on 48th St in NYC in the seventies marked A on the box) is 1 5/8″ and the Jazz bass neck (1 1/2″ ) is the C neck. So it would seem the newer P basses are a B width at a 9 1/2″ radius. Probably the U. BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Get 50% off an Annual Plan. Old-style C is much different compared to the flatter Modern C. When a player, luthier or builder says that a neck “feels like a baseball bat” concerning Fender shapes, he is referring to the old-style C or the U. The instrument would be well-built, but it “wouldn’t feel right” because the profile is off just a tad. Copyright ©2020. There is occasional confusion about C, U and V neck profile designations and A, B, C and D neck width designations.

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