Definitely a keeper! Thanks Smitten! My roommates consistently but too many eggs and we never know how to use them all up. Love the pickled celery! The capers add the same kind of briny salty kick as your pickled celery, I think. Thank you for yet another wonderful recipe! I’ve just stopped by your site and wanted to let you know I linked to your site in my recent post. Very good. Can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch! I am going to pickle some celery and throw it in after-the-fact. What a fun take on egg salad! This is a great recipe to de-egg our refrigerator and it sounds delicious. It would be very hard to even think about making it any other way…but I’m such an egg salad freak that I might be able to force myself to try with the pickled celery. ( I cheated the last time) Could NOT stop adding spoons of pickled celery to it! Hi Deb, can you please tell the brand of the egg dicer you are using me and where I might be able to get one from? Thanks to you, I have found it!! A wonderful little spot to cozy up with a latte and have lunch or a sweet treat from the bakery. Ate it straight from the bowl with a spoon. I adapted the recipe ever so slightly …mainly due to what I had in my pantry at the time, and just posted it on my blog for a local Westchester Paper. It’s incredibly perfect and provides the perfect texture. If it’s more than a couple, do you think the egg salad would be good leftover in the fridge for at least a day or two? Used it and pickled onions with radishes and golden raisins for a tasty chicken salad. Very helpful. It is going to be our new standard egg salad. SO glad I did. I can’t wait to try this. Four years ago: Warm Butternut Squash and Chickpea Salad, Chocolate Whiskey and Beer Cupcakes and Crisp Black Bean Tacos with Feta and Slaw Here’s a link to the Il Cane Rosso recipe: I don’t go a day without looking at your blog. Deb, I have been following your delightful blog for about a year now, and this is my first time commenting. Whisk mayonnaise and mustard in medium bowl to blend. Will it make atleast 2 sandwiches? Your cookbook is on my wish list! The pickled celery was an especially inspired touch. Could you please recommend a substitute? I have been searching for years for the perfect egg salad sandwich. Also, Megan @ CookingOnEmpty, I usually place my eggs in a pan of water on the stove and let the water heat to boiling. bc if it’s one of your recipes, i want to make it. One other thought–in North Africa the Jews (and perhaps the muslims as well) would boil eggs for 24 hours or longer. Season to taste with salt and pepper. First, go to Frites Alors!. This is one of my most nagging problems in the kitchen…I’m sure there’s a better way of doing it than what I do (picking, basically). I recently learned that leaving eggs to cool in cold water for too long makes them difficult to peel. Thank you! Not only will the celery provide crunch, it will also lend some nice acidity. “Oh I forgot about egg salad!” I imagine them thinking, “I must have some immediately.”. Your pickled celery idea is stellar, and the Dijon! DELICIOUS and so easy!! Aren’t they pretty much the same ingrediants? I make a version of egg salad where I add grated horseradish and bacon. Perfect for a picnic! I made this today and HELLO! Add salt and pepper to taste and stir until ingredients are combined. Just a thought. I love it! You want it to be noticeable enough that you enjoy it but not so loud that it upstages the star, kind of like surprise guests at a halftime show. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks for another great recipe Deb! I’ll have to try it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Such a great idea. LOVE egg salad, but have never tried this version. The whole thing was terrific. bam! At a friend’s suggestion, I tried chilling them as fast as possible—really just to stop the cooking—and then refrigerating. Do you know how many times I had to pretend I didn’t like my sandwich in elementary school, just to maintain street cred? Tap eggs to crack them then put in the warm water for maybe a minute. I liked egg salad, but I know I’m going to sit around craving this. Sorry so late to respond to this comment; I don’t include it but you can if you want more of a salty vinegar punch to your mixture. It TRULY makes a gigantic difference. This looks great! Also, I love your photos. I have to try this one for sure. We made the iceberg lettuce salad this past Sat. Ps. Also, older eggs peel more easily. Hey Deb, How many sandwiches will this make? So easy! Mmmm! Help. it’s amazing how much I throw away. I found a recipe for these with a google search. Made your egg salad with what I had on hand. Nice! But I despise mayo, I’ve used stone ground mustard in my version for a while now with just a hint of mayo for consistently. There is also a smaller reception at 2 p.m. but unfortunately, it already sold out. I love egg salad! Well done! Love it and love your blog/ideas. It adds a little accent and crunch, and once you fall in love with it here, it will be impossible to make it any other way, so consider yourself warned. My daughter is obsessed with eggs. *reaches for eggs and pot for water…*, Sounds delicious!!

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