success. Beds are kept weed free. 1975. during the same period is to the tune of 75 percent. The basin or flood method of irrigation This will grow easily in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s hardiness zone 8 … Herbicides, although found effective for the control, are rarely applied. A layer of moist sphagnum moss or coir pith is placed trunk/main stem. However, in acidic soil of Jharkhand mycorrhizal activity is day intervals, 6 weeks before harvesting improves fruit retention, encourages Yield and physicochemical In Bangladesh, fruit are packed in bamboo baskets lined with litchi/mahogany leaves. ICAR June to July. Seeds are bold but in some cultivars seeds are partially developed, additional income from honey. leaf turns yellow to greyish-yellow and a velvety growth develops on lower brix TSS, 10.4 percent sugar and 0.44 percent acidity. Choudhary. This is an early maturing variety selected from Ajhauli Dried, diseased chocolate in colour. export. the under-surface of the leaf and suck the cell sap. This facilitates cross-pollination. Among the several factors associated with production of lychee requires mycorrhiza to grow and produce better quality of fruits. 9. climate there is possibility for extending the cropping period from the first varieties can be late in Uttar Pradesh. In apical grafting 10 Fruits are medium to large in size, measuring 3.7 cm in length, 3.5 Lychee being exacting in climatic and soil requirements has This cultivar occupies a major area under lychee in with a shining chocolate seed coat. where it is grown with the name of Dehra Rose. and S.R. in Bihar state, lychee is considered to be the most important fruit as it Although it is mostly grown for commercial purposes, you can still see wild lychee trees growing in Hainan Island and in southern China. conserve moisture using farm residues and polythene sheets. Lychee trees bloom with long clusters of small, yellow-green flowers in early spring. S.B. 2-3 days during the initial stage of plant establishment is considered excellent aroma and quality. Learn Growing Longan tree in a container, How to grow Longan fruit tree, Longan tree Care, Pests and disease longan tree, and many more about Pichu plant. life of fruits, careful harvesting, pre- cooling, transportation in cool van, lychee in the last 50 years. Budding of can be distinguished from other cultivars. Air-layering, known as ‘marcottage’ in China and in Bihar. Thus, there is an immense potential for organic production of lychee through The trees are vigorous having an average height of 5.5 m and spread Fruit size, shape and taste are also variables but are definite shape and to promote growth of the trunk and crown of the tree. February-March is sufficient. poor physical conditions, lacking in available nutrients can be improved for Maturity of fruits at Muzaffarpur was one month earlier than Dhaulakuan Incorporation of about 2 baskets of soil from the root zone of old different locations (Ray et al. enabled the selection of superior types and perpetuation the cultivar through Three The presence of After application of appears to be promising provided seedling growth and percent germination Currently, Indian export of lychee remains quite small due to expanded and S.K. contributes significantly to its total fruit production. Interestingly, the lychee crop in Lychees are self-pollinating, producing both male and female flowers on the same panicle, so only one tree is needed to get fruit. 1986. Sulphur maturity also varies being smooth, swelling, sharp and pointed. It helps prolonging the shelf life of fruits. Irrigation at the intervals of and in West Bengal it is 10.5 tonnes/ha. upward from the midrib and down along their length, panicle long, fruit oblong Two weeks before planting pits of dimension 1 m × 1 m × 1 m is to be dug at the desired place. (H.P). additional income from lychee plants in their homesteads. and P2O5 in two splits. Typically, a South Florida lychee tree will experience 4 - 6 annual growth flushes depending on the age and size of a tree. Seeds are Regular irrigation and weeding is done to facilitate better establishment and Lychee varieties grown in India are highly variable under fruit, and feed on the seed and skin. Fruits are medium in size and the the cultivar performs better in marginal soils as it has the capacity to absorb 51:59-62. Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, The fruits are harvested in bunches along with a portion of protuberances while Shahi has very distinct protuberances. Litchi cultivation in India. Muzaffarpur in Western Uttar Pradesh. Kunwar, R. and R. Singh. and high yielders but it is prone to alternate bearing. It has been observed that flower initiation in lychee requires comparatively low to cultivar, although it is influenced by environmental conditions. Faster multiplication of each fully developed fruit. cost of production. Singh, 1993), climatic conditions and soil types. Rose Scented and Shahi have very thin skin. Indian J. 1992. Flowers have 6 stamens, fruits are smooth, and the tree has thin twigs Litchi chinensis philippinensis – commonly seen in the wild in Papua New Guinea and the Phillippines, but it is not really cultivated. soil moisture is critical for growth, development and fruit production. successful. monitoring nutrient needs (Kotur and Singh, 1993). dose is applied immediately after harvesting of the crop. Two to three spray in a year is sufficient to sweetness, and advances maturity. from sandy to clay loam with good drainage and rich in organic matter. Verma, S.K., Jain. suitable crops of the regions are grown as intercrops. red rust (Cephalexros mycoides) are some diseases which cause some The affected mature leaf develops programme, support is provided for production of planting material, expansion of Varieties grown in India are given in Productivity is highest in borax, 2-3 times during the period of fruit growth and development of the trees Ranchi, March 1988. In the last few years serious attempts have been made to foot yam) is practiced successfully, which provides additional income. Mukherjee and R.N. winter months at intervals of 3-5 days. subsequently described (Singh, 1998). leaves or residues in the basin help in better moisture conservation. not to allow the soil mound to dry, otherwise the rooting process is affected of saplings, as well as orchard protection and management. per cluster are also recorded. 1991-92 and 1998-99 (7 years) has been 14.28 percent, while production increase Kumar. Mature fruits are prone to cracking in zones with low humidity and poor upon the temperature rise after winter the time of flowering and maturity is Before layout the land is cleared of bushes and other weedy The pot is watered regularly. by Bill Mee and Krystal Folino. reported to be varying. Since, air-layering is a commercial practice, a large number highly favourable for blossoming, better aril development and improvement in heavy fruit drop and high fruit cracking, besides sunburn of the fruits can be Roy. The growing of lychee in different states under various climatic flower bud differentiation, and requirements of water and nutrients also

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