The NIPT measures the fetal cfDNA in the mother’s bloodstream, which comes from the placenta. So, yes, there is a chance that the result is false–in fact, it is far more likely that it is a false positive rather than a true positive. FISH results usually take two days. Screening tests … A rapid technique for the diagnosis of Down syndrome and trisomy 18, fluorescence in situ hybridization (or FISH), is available at Women & Infants. Blood tests allow a doctor to see a detailed analysis of any disease markers, the nutrients and waste products in your blood as well as how various organs (e.g., kidneys and liver) are functioning. Your health care provider can help you weigh the pros and cons of these tests. Diagnostic tests that can identify Down syndrome include: Chorionic villus sampling (CVS). Below, we’ve explained some of the commonly measured indicators of … Higher-chance result. The test result of 1:174 means she has a 0.5% chance that her test result is a true positive, i.e. Lab Test Results and What They Mean. The most recent appointment I went to was on 9/9/09, and they told me I was around 16 weeks (according to the pregnancy gazette they gave me … The two main screening tests used for Down's syndrome using the above methods are: Combined screening test. I'm 11 weeks & 5 days! The blood test used in Down's syndrome screening is also sometimes called serum screening. Fewer than 1 in 20 results will be higher chance. On the NHS, tests for Down’s syndrome are offered in two stages: Screening tests are usually offered to all women. They consist of an ultrasound scan and a blood test or just a blood test. Deciding whether to have the screening . The second step is a maternal blood test between 15 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. If your screening test results are positive or worrisome, or you're at high risk of having a baby with Down syndrome, you might consider more testing to confirm the diagnosis. Individuals with Down syndrome frequently show abnormalities in the blood cells which include the red cells (cells that carry oxygen throughout the body), white cells (infection-fighting cells) and platelets (cells that help to stop bleeding). These tests do not give a definite answer. Results of the test for Down syndrome and trisomy 18 usually take one to two weeks. They simply tell you whether your baby may have a higher chance of having Down’s syndrome. Some of the changes found in the blood cells of individuals with Down syndrome can be associated with other medical […] that her pregnancy actually is positive for Down syndrome, and a 99.5% chance that the test result is a false positive. A positive value for the Chromosome Analysis Blood Test may indicate a genetic disorder, such as trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome), Klinefelter’s syndrome, Turner’s syndrome, and fragile-X syndrome; The laboratory test results are NOT to be interpreted as results of a "stand-alone" test. This is called the fetal fraction. This combines the result of the NT scan with the result of blood tests for PAPP-A and beta-hCG to give the risk of the baby having Down's syndrome. I just went to the high risk doctor today because of my age being I'm 37, I did the Down syndrome and gender blood test & they said it takes about a week to 10 days for the results to come in but I'm just worried sick about the results of the Down syndrome and anticipating it. Results for the test for open neural tube defects usually take five to seven days. The results of the blood test, the nuchal translucency measurement and the mother's age are used to estimate the risk for Down syndrome and trisomy 18. You do not have to have screening tests for Down's, Edwards and Patau's syndromes. That, or the tests were faulty because they weren't too sure of my fetuses gestational age. If the screening test shows that the chance of the baby having Down's syndrome, Edwards' syndrome or Patau's syndrome is higher than 1 in 150 – that is, anywhere between 1 in 2 and 1 in 150 – this is called a higher-chance result. Yesterday, Wednesday, I got a call from my OB/GYN saying that my blood tests had an abnormality and that I was at risk for having a baby with Down's Syndrome.

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