What do People Think About the Shure SM48 and SM58? Acoustic guitarists often encounter bias-powered mics as part of dual-source pickup systems. But most dynamic mics, particularly modern ones are designed to be able to accept phantom power and simply not use it. This is because it is a dynamic microphone and can function without an external power source. Many audio interfaces include a switch labeled P48 that turns phantom power on and off – the 48 standing for the highest voltage rating. Phantom power, sounds funny, doesn't it? To record a rock guitar, you should use a dynamic microphone. As an Amazon Associate the site earns from qualifying purchases. On the other end, there are a few instances where one thrives over the other. What are the versions of the Shure SM48 available? But many guitarists like to build their own systems by adding a mic, such as K&K Sound’s Silver Bullet mic, to an existing pickup. This is because it comes with an on/off switch, unlike the other two versions. Features such as an inbuilt pop-filter, cardioid polar pattern, metallic casing, all make these products a great deal for any user. 2. Baggs ParaDI, for example), and these may not work with lower voltages. The features unique to the Shure SM58 include a frequency response range of around 50 to 15,000 Hertz, as well as its 3 versions: SM58-LC, SM58-CN, and the SM58S. The disadvantages of the Shure SM48 include the following: 1) To get this microphone to sound beautiful, you would need a reasonable amount of compression and EQ. However, it should be noted that the condenser microphone is better sounding than the dynamic microphone. A dynamic microphone, like the SM58, does not require phantom power because it does not have active electronics inside. Whereas with the SM58, you do not need so much. There should be no phantom power present when you connected to the ¼" input. 0 0. 3) The Shure SM48 microphone is not very loud. Can You Use Phantom Power on Dynamic Mics? The worldwide standard for phantom power is 11 to 52 volts of DC (typical studio mics run on 48v). This trick is why the scheme is referred to as phantom—it’s there for mics that need it, but invisible to others! Marc forms part of our Pro Audio team at Shure UK and specialises in Digital Marketing. Streaming and podcasting have seen a rise in the use of microphones. It has retained this impressive attribute since 1966 when it was released. Your audio technica mic needs the phantom … This is something you will have to factor in while purchasing a condenser microphone. The three versions of the SM58 available are: Video: Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic Review / Test. Nonetheless, applying phantom power will not damage other microphones in the vast majority of cases. 3) It is not best suited for projecting soft and subtle sounds. The Shure SM58 offers the following features that are great for streaming: Choosing the SM58 as your streaming microphone will require you to also purchase an audio interface, but the quality of vocals you receive from this microphone is well-worth considering it to be your streaming microphone. Can You Use Phantom Power on … When compared to Shure SM48, Shure SM58 is way ahead in terms of popularity. Video lessons week by week, Chord by Chord. If you are looking for a more affordable option, you should seriously consider a dynamic microphone. This is because many electric guitars have pickups with high impedance. Out of about 30 mic's my band, myself and a few friends have purchased, including beta 58's, sm57's and sm58's not one has been bad. It sends its voltage through the audio wires. They are as subtle as the sounds they are built to amplify. There are two types of microphones: dynamic and condenser microphones. On the other hand, dynamic microphones are best suited for amplifying loud sounds. Another option is to use an external power supply. With a solid metallic design, you will not have to worry about changing any of these microphones soon. This explains why they are durable and reliable. Assuming you don't have a broken wire somewhere, a dynamic mic which does not need the phantom power (like an SM58) will not be affected by the presence of phantom power and the phantom power won't be affect by the dynamic mic. Spotify or Tidal: Which Streaming Service Sounds the Best? 4. link to Can You Use a Single Studio Monitor? Wide frequency response is good for microphones because it enables it to properly amplify high and low-end sounds properly. 3. Most modern mixers provide 48 volts, which has become so common that many people assume that phantom power automatically means 48 volts. This is especially the case with the casing. So, how does the Shure SM58 measure up for each of these industries that require microphones? 5) Both microphones are constructed with an inbuilt pop-filter. Among the most common is using a microphone pre-amp that supplies phantom power. should i use phantom power that is in the zoom h4n ? Pledge your support and get bonus lessons! Although both of these microphones are available in three versions each, there are slight differences between these different versions available. The power surges that happen can damage equipment over time. On the other hand, dynamic mics—the ubiquitous, Some DIs or preamps can be powered by phantom power (the popular, Acoustic guitarists often encounter bias-powered mics as part of dual-source pickup systems. The Shure SM48 and SM58 are dynamic microphones. Rather, the comparison is to ascertain if the SM58 is worth the massive gap in price. Dynamic microphones are built for strength and durability. These microphones are selective on how they pick up sound. Both dynamic and condenser microphones are suitable choices, but they are definitely limited to their prospective markets. The word phantom is used because the power source is essentially invisible, running through the same cord that the audio signal flows through. To extend the span of the microphone, you should be careful about where you store it. The Shure SM58S comes with a swivel stand adapter. The Shure SM48 is a lot better than many microphones used in Karaoke houses. An SM58 has specifications that say it puts out 1.88mV/Pa which is -54.5dBV. However, if you are recording, you may find that you pick up some additional hum due to the phantom power. While there are other brands of dynamic microphones on the market, there is a reason that the Shure SM58 still maintains its spot as a best-selling microphone decades after it was originally introduced – it is the best. Carline. I use Pro Tools LE with the M-box and i plugged my chord into the mic then into the proper place in the back of the M-Box.

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