Plants Have Become Resistant to Pests and Herbicides. 8. List of Cons of Green Revolution. Higher yield enabled farmers to sell the surplus food in the market and earn more. Use of tube wells reduced the water table. It is a combination of controlling chemicals in the soil, weeds and pests, mechanization of agriculture, and genetic adaptation of plants to suit daily needs. This modern method is seen as labor intensive, where farmers make use of tractors, instead of oxen and horses, to plow and cultivate their lands, making the process faster and easier. Green Revolution introduced a number of modern farming methods in India. It is important to note that there is more dependence on resources that are under human control than nature and other external factors. However, it can also cause some issues and these are: 1. 3. 6. Compromise to Crop Health. Disadvantages. 2. Most farmers can export and grow crops to make profits. Green Revolution is proficient in growing crops by means of massive scale. Using named examples, assess the extent to which technological motivation may have unforeseen social, environmental and economic costs (15 marks). Truth be told, farmers around the world were mostly poor, unless their families had large tracts of land and numerous farms that grow multiple crops. Most of the genetically modified organisms will generate sterile seeds every year. There is also the concern of cross pollination from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to other plants in the environment, which could result in invasive species. Agriculture has definitely become more doable everywhere. 4. 3. Green Revolution offers the following benefits: 1. It is indeed that this kind of modern farming is labor intensive but instead of oxen and horses to plow your field, a certain farmer can make use of a tractor to cultivate the land faster and easier. 8. 4. Environmental Harm. Please leave our sport alone.... », two crops a year could be grown- rather than monoculture, only well-off farmers can afford the new technology, mechanisation leads to unemployment - which then causes rural to urban migration, the over-spray of pesticides damages biodiversity, the increased use of fertilisers causes nutrient run off and eutrophication. However, this method has become a subject of some debates on whether it really does good, rather than bad, for all of us. Surplus food can be sold to earn more. Most tools that Green Revolution has will require fossil fuels burning which will contribute to global warming and pollution. The production of food grains by 1977 grew so much that imports were stopped, old debts were paid and the country became self-sufficient. All the equipment used in Green Revolution requires burning of fossil fuels that contributes to pollution and global warming. The weeds and pests have the ability to develop poisons and super pests that are hard to control. The traditional farming can also be used especially to those small farmers who can’t afford Green Revolution farming. Green Revolution in India Advantages and Disadvantages The Green revolution triggered by high yielding varieties brought a complete change in production technology, marketing, storage and extension. Varied Soil Type by Location. Now that Green Revolution is here, this has changed, not only leading to more produce, but also making it healthier. Hunger remains to be the main problem that most people are facing nowadays. 806 8067 22 The initiatives resulted in the adoption of new technologies, including High-Yielding Varieties (HYVs) of cereals, especially dwarf wheat and rice. 5. This modern method of farming has allowed farmers to re-plant the same crops without fallowing their lands, which is another significant achievement of the inculcation of technology and knowledge in agriculture. Most farmers, these days, practice modern farming methods under Green Revolution, which is a movement pushed by the government as an alternative solution to traditional agriculture. Mono-Culturing. It has the ability to make plants resistant to herbicides and pests. 3. the green revolution is great for ensuring that crop yields are high enough to improve economic and social situations of developing countries . 3. The various fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides used to produce more food also have the ability to produce higher levels of erosion and soil pollution. The 8 Cons of Green Revolution. List of the Cons of the Green Revolution. Most crops, these days, are grown on an industrial scale even by smaller farming communities. With automation, Green Revolution has made farming more predictable. This kind of fertilizer comes from petroleum and they call it petrochemical fertilizer. 1. "Going green" refers to making efforts to improve energy efficiency or reduce the pollution produced by your home, business and general living habits. It is always thought of that some new breeds of weed and pests can develop, and they may resist pesticides that are used right now. 7. The beginning of it comes from the American manufacturers as they discovered that they can create fertilizer that can be used on crops. There have been some cases with this modern farming method, where unknown ailments have plagued the health of various crop species. If you make use of the petrochemical fertilizers, it also require fossil fuels which tends to be unsustainable and patently. Traditional farming is still used, especially among small farmers, who cannot afford Green Revolution. This practice demands large tracts of land, which are not always available, large volumes of water and intensive amounts of fertilizers. 4. What do you think? 2. These needs poses difficulties for farmers around the world. The Need to Fallow Lands Is Eliminated. Nowadays, most farmers practice modern farming through Green Revolution. Get Revising is one of the trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. Higher Yield. It is a kind of movement that has been pushed by the government and it is the solution to traditional agriculture. », Should Humans return to Hunting and Gathering? Green Revolution is speculated to develop poisonous and super weeds and pests that are difficult to control. © Copyright Get Revising 2020 all rights reserved. The main goal of Green Revolution is to eliminate the worldwide hunger. 4. The price of the industrial farming and its equipment under Green Revolution may not be affordable for small farmers. By looking at the world before this modern method, we can see that crops that were grown on a massive scale are only those that require extensive manual intervention to grow healthy. Pesticides and insecticides are able to protect the crops from pests and insects.

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