Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. LEFT SIDE: The spawn point for the left is back in the caves behind the cave wall left of the teleporter. Cant count the number of times I got spawn camped last night on Kell's Grave. They will either snipe next to the teleporter, go into the cathedral via the left side hallway, or get onto the Island to get a vantage point. Destiny 2 players looking to complete the Lumina exotic hand cannon quest will need to kill an Invader in Gambit fast. I mean, the Spiteful Fang I have has Rampage and Tempo, so it isn't BAD but quick bow is just straight up bad for Gambit cause you need 2 precision hits to kill most enemies. ... Now when I invade I usually get killed on spawn die to sentry markers and shit. Question. Thank you, Guardian. This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. They will engage in sniping/midrange into your spawn or they will go towards the big yellow Cabal roundhouse in center to get a better view. Where do Invaders spawn in Gambit? Was hoping for a map, would be nice to visualize these. So nobody has posted about this. The easiest thing is to find where I am standing and look directly behind me. Where do Invaders spawn in ... tell you, at a glance, whether or not the script is enabled. Kill them ASAP if they spawn here. This is bad for you if you're being invaded because it has a perfect sight line into your spawn and the Primeval arena with tons of cover to move in. I'm about to start the AoS exotic quest line and whenever I'm playing Gambit, I never know where to look once the Invader crosses over into my team's side (solo player btw). Archived. Generally they spawn at the zone furthest from where your team is but like i said it's mostly random. That is good to know. If your standing in the middle area and look out to the tree area, the spawn is in the back right. LEFT SIDE: They will spawn all the way in the back of the Slums, and will either head straight for your spawn to go CQC or try and snipe next to the man cannon in Slums. Both me and a teammate experienced separate game crashes yesterday when invading and spawning in at the center spawn of Legions Folly in Round 3. LEFT SIDE: They will spawn in the blue glowing Vex room on steps and will use the platform up there to, you guessed it, snipe you. Nice but a map and call out locations would be better. Sometimes it overlaps though because of transition, but rarely. This is true for the reverse reason too. This makes it very easy to predict where the invader is coming from. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DestinyTheGame community. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DestinyTheGame community. Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting. They need to make it so the invader spawn never has an immediate sight line to people. All of the Invader Spawn Points for Every Map In Gambit : … For ruins, its dead center in the back, and for beach, its brhind the downed ship more on the left side. They spawn in the same spots as the waves of enemies (three points on the map). The Invader will either go up on that platform on the tree (you know the one) to use heavy ammo and spam into the Primeval arena, go into the Cathedral via the hallway on the left, or will try to get onto the Island for a vantage point. They CANNOT spawn at the spot that is currently spawning enemies so you should look at the other two. So I decided to create my own program for this situation, Destiny 2 Solo-Enabler. Posted by 2 years ago. Discuss all things Destiny 2. Close. CENTER: They will spawn to the right of the yellow Cabal roundhouse on the raised platform beside the crate. To me it seems like the spawn rotates randomly between far back wall, far left and far right. Would love to have a visual aid that I can glance at until I'm familiar enough with where they are. While it has a ton of cover it is low ground, meaning it is less of a vantage point for things like Sleeper or Queenbreaker's, so they will either engage in CQC or midrange gunfights, or they will head to Ruins to use the cover and raised platforms there. But you are already on the Island, and this town ain't big enough for two of you. The third one is on the right side of the pit (Not quite Canal, the staircase before Canal), But because of how close the right and mid spawns are, its super easy to spawn camp invaders in this map. Figured I would. Really need to fix those spawns. Can the order be specific during primeval phase??? I will use the perspective of walking directly out of the spawn room to describe this, so let us begin. I'd like to see both removed. 2. This does not look random. LEFT SIDE: They spawn in the water at the back of the Trees right beside the most left Ruins building. Destiny 2: How to Shut Down Invaders in Gambit - Hardcore Gamer Poor guy never saw it coming. First time either of our games have ever crashed, something is buggy with that spawn right now. I actually had the invader spawn in front of me once. It just turns out most of the time you’re where the enemies are. This might be a huge request, but has someone made a graphic of these spawn points? Press J to jump to the feed. Has that crucible map guy made one yet? You should make terrible paint drawings of these and get thousands of upvotes, but this is awesome and super useful. It can be pretty tough since everyone is just using sleeper so make sure you use cover well when closing the distance. (Edited in due to receiving new information, thank you alilrezahunter888) CENTER: On the right side of the Pit on the staircase, really, really close to the right side spawn. DESTINY2 || GAMBIT Defender & Invader Guide [No Sleeper] - … Can't you just take a SS the moment you spawn as invader then go back to pinpoint where it is. I was hoping for lacked map pics but appreciate it either way , There is also a pattern to which spawn will be active at the prime-time(pun intended). ... After all a sentry has 2 jobs, invaders and blockers. Sucks for them because you are already on the Island and have their glowing ass in a sniper sight. Press J to jump to the feed. They sit and wait for the invader to spawn and then instakill them with either the Sleeper Simulant or QueenBreaker. Prime seemed okay at first, but it's just a crappy a Gambit. Several times I've been killed out of nowhere by Queenbreaker or Crooked Fang with the invasion clock at 28 second. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Is it random? Best way to is when they spawn, look out for the furthest zone and begin flanking. Welcome to Destiny Reddit! They are going to snipe from here 100% if they spawn here, so take cover or try and out snipe them. Personally I see them come from the right more often and when I'm invading i feel like I spawn on that right side a majority of the time, I could be totally fucking wrong though so who knows, There’s usually three different places they can spawn from, random spot though out of those three places. It is random...sort there are 3 zones where they can spawn.

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