No matter how many times I’ve fought him, this stone warrior always pushes me to my limits and forces me to execute a perfect fight. You can’t see shit. And if you’re not careful, those fire-based attacks can do a lot of damage. As long as you see what move set he is about to use, there is still time to react, but the unpredictably and ability to spam attacks leave him deserving of this spot. Slave Knight Gael. For example, you can parry even with your back to the enemy! It was a miracle I survived long enough to fell this great dragon. Can’t get greedy in Dark Souls 3, because the crippled prince giant just dropped his KNEES into your face. Their fancy will still be tickled to satisfaction later (See #1 on this list). While I wish that Wolnir was more difficult, he’s by far the easiest boss of the game. Most enemies and bosses I encounter these days are taken down easily, and give me little trouble. Once he’s “down,” you’re rewarded with another cutscene with the boss rising from the ashes. We’re down to the top three bosses, and it’s all DLC from here. I dislike RPG games for this very reason, but there are even hidden game mechanics that I will never understand — like Hyper Armour. And even then, you have to beat the game first to even benefit from any of these builds. I’m not kidding about getting intimate — to win you have to hold forward until you’re literally INSIDE Vordt, hitting it’s stomach and butthole to victory. Or how about all of these things? Puzzle boss. I disliked iframes in Bloodborne too, because it’s so unintuitive to me... Rolling into an attack? This boss always keeps me moving, dodging one flaming sword one second, and dodging the magical sword the next. This fight sits at the bottom of the list due to its lack of difficulty, yet it’s proof that a Dark Souls boss doesn’t have to be crushing to be good. And that could be either because you’re too under level for this part of the game, or there’s a different mechanic to the fight…. Such an amazing set up to the 2nd phase duel too, making this — along with Champion Gundyr — one of the best fights I’ve ever played in any video game! So if you don’t get the purpose of this boss, you probably go through real life confused and frustrated. Once you’ve fought her, you’ll know exactly why she’s #2 in my ranking. With the first phase of Soul of Cinder, he switches through different builds and styles, making it difficult to predict. It’s even pitted you against dragons, but none of those can compare to Midir. Whatever. Then it becomes a race against time — the longer you fight, the more likely you will die from curse. Dodging with poking back and forth sucks. But Champion Gundyr’s hit boxes aren’t as bad as further down this list…. Absolutely! But with this boss being so incredibly slow, he’s easy to avoid if you’re playing smart. Halfway through, the floor caves in and now you’re in a ditch fighting a pus hand that grew from it’s vagina. Phase 2 is just as cool, but when you inevitably fuck up learning all of Nameless King’s attack animations, you have to fight the dragon bird phase again. It’s fun and rewarding for sure, but in a frustrating kind of way. I want to end by saying that Dark Souls 3 does a lot right: Level design and exploration is fun. I had to go at it solo. Noobs and beginners. This is a basic enough fight that, if managed well, won’t give you much trouble. Just keep whacking the Crystal Sage until it teleports, then repeat. But let me let you in on a secret…he can be backstabbed. My problem was because I came from Bloodborne and had no knowledge of Dark Souls 3, I tried to play the game hard and fast with rolling and dodging. Sure it seems amazing that you get to fight a dragon…except for the incredibly tiny hitbox you have to swing for on his head. This may be a tough Dark Souls 3 boss, but it’s not the toughest. The Nameless King has every advantage over you in this fight. maybe you just have to use the environment to fight bosses in Dark Souls 3! As you play Dark Souls 3, you’ll come to realised the idealised game in your head is way more interesting and fun than what actually got made. Less insightful seasoned pros will write this off as mere [R1] spamming or panic rolling, but play ANY other game and you’ll understand how frustrating this is in comparison. I’ve been going at the Souls series for a couple of years now, with several playthroughs under my belt. Aldrich comes with a variety of tools in his move set that can catch players off guard, switching between ranged magic, arrows, and melee. I loved this boss, and sadly, it didn’t take me long to defeat him. Brutal but fair fight, and a great way to end the game! I like Bloodborne, so why didn’t I like Dark Souls 3? For example, the hitbox of the 5 hit combo is unfair — you can be behind Soul of Cinder and nowhere near the sword and the sword will swing 540 degrees around and STILL catch you in the full animation! Don’t do that. Regardless of difficulty, this is a solid Dark Souls 3 boss, and I find myself looking forward to this one. Some quick context on how the game plays, how I approached it, as well as what’s overrated, underrated and nonsense. Is this a definitive list? Do not dodge when the hit comes, but rather when the attack lands as most of his moves are well telegraphed. He works as a freelance writer, designer, and voice actor. The gross pink gargoyles don’t even fly you there! There’s nothing forcing you to carry on the NPC’s questline or equip that particular weapon. Long Sword, Dark Sword, Claymore, Hollowslayer Greatsword, Black Knight Sword, Farron Greatsword, Sellsword Twinblades, Butcher’s Knife. Skill test boss. But once you realize what’s going on, all it takes is hitting the glowing red deacon until the health bar is depleted. If you thought avoiding Pontiff’s attacks was difficult before, now try dodging it twice. Learning the attacks of phase 3 gets tedious, because you have to go through Phase 1 and 2 EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME.

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