I have had my mattress for 5 months now and I am so happy with it. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. I have not tried it during the peak of summer yet but I stayed relatively cooler at the end of summer that my previous two mattresses. Read the reviews, looked at a LOT of different online mattresses, and kept coming back to Layla. Next, here are the details of their Ara 13'' Mattress: Sleep Science's Ara mattress comes with a medium-soft feel. More info. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. We both totally looked forward to coming back to our bed. Great price and great product. The third night I awoke in the middle of the night with my hands throbbing and so painful I had to use some cream I have that kills pain. Time will tell. Overall, customers like this mattress, but durability was a concern. I slept on it the first night. This foam doesn't radiate heart back at you. Super comfortable. Its very comfortable. For an idea of my size, I'm pretty average: 5'9" at 175 pounds. Unpacking and getting it ready for use was seamless and fast; we didn't have to wait for several hours and slept on the mattress within hours of set-up. I hope I enjoy my bed for many years to come. This mattress is a medium-firm in terms of the feel, and most customers like it at first. But he had enjoyed it just as much. I contact support about returning everything because it is taking too long, and I was already disappointed by the service provide. I added a padded mattress cover and it added just enough cushion over the foam to be pre...Read More Read more abouttty perfect in comfort. This mattress’s comfort will be acceptable to most people. The company does have excellent customer service. Thanks Sleep Science - Well done! You w...Read More Read more aboutill get a restful sleep. The mattresses are also made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, and are formaldehyde-free. I've waited a full year to try and get used to it, and kept telling myself and my spouse it would get better. I AM A BELLY SLEEPER.... MY ARMS USED TO FALL ASLEEP AND I WOULD WAKE UP WITH FLOPPY ARMS... NOT ANY MORE... GREAT SLEEP. I want to warn people about how disappointed I have been with the customer service and quality of this company's products. Mattress is fine for us, not too firm and not too soft. Here’s our quick Video Review… Adjustable Bed Frame and 12-Inch Split King Copper-Infused Memory Foam3. Don't wait. The Sealy Copper II Plush mattress has been well received by consumers since its release. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Lastly, here are the details of their 11'' Black Diamond Mattress: The 11'' Black Diamond Mattress features charcoal infused memory foam on the surface layer and a firm design, ideal for stomach sleepers. This one was just too firm. Nothing makes it worth the $900 I spent. not happy with this purchase but happy with costco policy. That is a hard opening act to beat. Disagree with the SUBJECTIVE product details 'Sleep Science comfort scale: medium with a bounce. My husband was a reluctant buyer, because we are only early 40's :) He thought adjustable was for the nursing home. NEEDS GOOD FOUNDATION - dont use bunky board! Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress Review. they are awesome. No odor.Delivery company had great personnel.One side had a control box (located under the bed) that failed in the first few hours. This is a good matress for side sleepers. The following night I could not find that same sweet spot I had the night before and slept much like I always have. Below that, is 6'' of firmer latex foam that supports the spine and provides a firmer feel to the mattress. Layla got its start in 2015 as the mattress in the box trying to fight homelessness with every mattress purchased. I had the bed for 1 1/2 months, it served whatever expectation I have for this bed that's why we bought it. Now with her new Layla it's much better and she's sleeping more comfortably. I've been struggling to pull myself out of this wonderbed in the mornings. I am a side-sleeper. It keeps us from getting overheated (a big issue of mine) and is the perfect firmness. We bought a softer topper to help but unfortunately it did not. However, some customers had issues with durability. Not only was it hard and uncomfortable but, from 3 months on, it had big depression on both sides. Very little smell and not objectionable. I didn't want a mattress that was too firm and the soft side of the Layla has just the right amount of plushness. Customers also report these mattresses do a good job at pressure-relieving (especially the soft side) while keeping cool. It offers a mix of softness and support. The adjustable bed is used in zero gravity every night for one of us and not used at all for the other. Updated January 3, 2020. My only comment would be that a set up and mattress removal service should be offered. A painful process, but I like the mattress. I’m 5‘3 123~ and the mattress keeps me cool at night while being the softest mattress I’ve ever had. The top latex layer is 3'' of medium-firmness latex that subtlely bounces under the sleeper. We'll go through Layla's mattress design below so you'll know what elements will work best for you.Here is what's inside the original Layla Memory Foam Mattress: Layla's mattress is a blend of memory foams that you can flip for a firm or a soft feel. Love it feels great for my back and gives plenty of support. This mattress is ideal for side sleepers and most customers like what they feel at first. A 3 inch layer of softer 19 ILD natural latex perfectly compliments the firmer 32 ILD layer underneath it to softly cradle with no pressure points yet support my body superbly. I do wish the lights on the remotes would come on before you try to poke the right button. Back is feeling better after 10 days. Sometimes, I have woken up with back pain. Firm for support but not too firm. If you're thinking about getting it I would suggest you try it out. My wife & I think it is the best mattress we have slept in. This bed has a lot of technology to whisk away heat and sleepers report overwhelmingly that these mattresses sleep cool. Motorized stands work very well and seem to be high quality. Good quality but just too firm for me. The base and massage features still work like a top. Mattress has some stains on the bottom. Most find that either the soft or the firm side of these mattresses fit their comfort specifications in terms of support and firmness. No smell at all. Good buy! Highly recommend this company. The Layla copper-infused mattress is highly recommended for side sleepers. The adjustable functions work great and motors are pretty quiet. I LOVE the pillows. Set up of these mattresses and pillows were very simple. Time will be the teller for durability, but very happy with the purchase and first impression. Everyone was pleased. We use the soft side and it is just right. Not sure if we will be able to keep it. The mattress cover is soft and also feels luxurious. It seemed to get worse , not better! It is NOT hot, either. We should have purchased sooner. I spoke with Akrum at Layla and I have already returned it and my money has been refunded. It doesn't mold to my body. RENUE 12-Inch Hybrid Mattress5. The memory foam mattress we bought from Costco first, was hot, however. These mattresses are great for those looking for a well-designed mattress with extra firmness options, who are interested in the benefits of copper-infused foam. First mattress since an old junk one of about 20 years! Staying on phone with them for hours and getting mediocre resolution isn’t worth. Zero gravity setting is awesome! Ordered on Saturday, arrived on Thursday. It was my first Costco online shopping. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. I could test the bed before the purchase. it went from good to worst really quick. When I was younger, I liked firm mattresses, now I need a soft one.

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