Engaging someone in these circumstances creates a higher risk of receiving inaccurate data. This research method saves time when gathering data. While the results of studies using convenience samples may not necessarily be applicable to the larger population, the results could still be useful. The data is immediately available when using this method. Was it because some employees were simply too busy? Consequently, Henrich and his colleagues suggest, study results could look different if researchers studied non-students or individuals from non-Western cultures. Ease of Availability As the name suggests, the major advantage of convenience sampling is the convenience with which it can be carried out. If a research only covers a small part of the population, this method can be used accordingly. Major difficulties are pose at the time of estimation, selection and administration of samples. Even though convenience sampling can be easy to obtain, its disadvantages usually outweigh the advantages. If the researcher determines that accurate information is false, then the exclusion of that data will adversely influence the results of the convenience sampling. As such, a convenience sample is often chosen when other randomized sampling techniques are simply not possible to achieve. You do not have to repeat the query again and again to all the individual data. In other words, with a convenience sample, the researcher is unable to control the representativeness of the sample. This sampling method provides a wealth of qualitative information. List of the Advantages of Convenience Sampling. In order to select a sample (n) of students from this population of 10,000 students, we could choose to use a convenience sample. 2. Random sampling removes an unconscious bias while creating data that can be analyzed to benefit the general demographic or population group being studied. You intended to collect your data using a survey. If someone is having a stressful day at work after a sleepless night, their responses will be different than they would be on a day without those elements in their life. The method used for choosing the samples as the very name suggests, is the most crucial part of the whole process, it defines whether the analysis accurately describes the entire population or not. If someone has ever tried to get you to take a survey while you shop at a mall, then that action was a form of convenience sampling. You can post a survey link to a social media page, ask questions in a public space, or have a poll in which … Even if you want to rent a contact list to have more specificity with your contact efforts, the price is usually less than $1,000. It is the option that’s most useful for pilot testing. This lack of control may cause a biased sample and research results, and thus limits the wider applicability of the study. Disadvantages of Convenience Sampling. Disadvantages (limitations) of convenience sampling. What you will do is meet a few households around you and ask them about those who drink alcohol. Convenience sampling is a type of Non-probability Sampling. When you have limited time, survey without using sampling becomes impossible. A convenience sample is simply one where the units that are selected for inclusion in the sample are the easiest to access. Under this technique, to ease the process of doing a research on whole population, it is divided into small sampling unit. This work wants to find specific feedback points or data on specific subjects to help gain new perspectives about products, services, or ideas. A convenience sample also has the benefit of allowing for a low- to no-cost research study to be conducted, because it uses the population that is already available. Convenience sampling is a type of non-probability sampling technique. It will not exactly reflect the position or characteristics of the town but it is still reflecting some major characteristics to some extent. Convenience sampling is an affordable way to gather data. Convenience sampling is vey easy to carry out with few rules governing how the sample should be collected. Some of the advantages are listed  below: Every coin has two sides. That’s why it tends to be the preferred method of data gathering, even when scientific studies are under consideration. In just a few minutes, the researcher is able to conduct a study with possibly a large research sample, given that introductory courses at universities can have as many as 500-700 students enrolled in a term. If researchers outsource this task, then they have zero control over this issue. You decide to spend the two days at the entrance of the organisation where all employees have to pass through to get to their desks. A majority of hypothesis tests, including the chi-square and t-test, have an underlying assumption of random selection. Each person has a unique set of priorities and perspectives that cannot be predicted since there isn’t a qualification standard beyond agreeability with this process. One disadvantage of convenience sampling is that subjects in a convenience sample may not be representative of the population the researcher is interested in studying. However, as we’ll see below, there are both pros and cons of using convenience samples such as this one. It is also essential to avoid judgment when conducting research. The manager who has kindly given you access to conduct your research is unable to get permission to get a list of all employees in the organisation, which you would need to use a probability sampling technique such as simple random sampling or systematic random sampling. This disadvantage can even apply when the same researchers contact the same individual with the same questions on a different day. Researchers can structure a convenience sampling effort to identify subgroups within their targeted population area.

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