Any person being extended should be done voluntarily. 2. A courtesy email will also be sent to your commander notifying them that convalescent leave has been recommended. Need clarification on a service member getting her AML taken away from her. Note: For convalescent leave requested prior to the surgery, the request will be processed once you notify us that the surgery has occurred. a. Maternity Leave. REF/C/DOC/COMNAVPERSCOM// If the Soldier has limitations or restrictions to duty performance, a temporary profile is written and the Soldier is managed through eCase. Maternity leave and AML shall be taken before out-processing from the old command or after in-processing to the new command. ARNG-CSG is the only approval authority for this leave request. Pay, Allowances, and Benefits Guidance: A systems change request for the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) has been submitted to add an option for maternity leave, which will be charged as convalescent leave. The goal to these restrictions are to minimize risk to its military personnel, military families, and civilian personnel while maintaining and building a more lethal force. Convalescent leave is a nonchargeable absence from duty granted to expedite a Soldier's return to full duty after illness, injury, or childbirth. The soldier’s commanding officer may have the right to approve the leave. b. REF F IS SECTION 701 OF TITLE 10, U.S. CODE, ENTITLEMENT AND ACCUMULATION. ________________________________________________________________________________, AD 2019-05 (Army Military Parental Leave Program) 22 Jan 2019. It is my understanding you can go where you wish as if you were on regular leave. Is there any restrictions to the service member traveling via commercial aircraft during her maternity leave? A maternity leave type will also be added to the e-Leave Type Report in NSIPS. If member is restricted to self-monitoring, the alternate place can NOT be an open-bay unaccompanied gov’t quarters, or rooms with shared bathrooms and/or kitchen facilities, Commanders can consider the need for care of a family member to designate the member’s alternate place of duty (ie: home). [Slang] Unfortunately, my friends bailed on me tonight. Convalescent leave is an authorized absence for the minimal time needed to meet the medical needs for recuperation. REF/F/DOC/10 U.S.C.//. I haven't had the 3rd surgery yet, but I have this superior who says that con leave is at commands discretion. Note: For convalescent leave requested prior to the surgery, the request will be processed once you notify us that the surgery has occurred. Commanders are strongly encouraged to maximize the use of situational (ad hoc) telework agreements with as many telework-eligible military members as practical & further assess telework eligibility with other members whose work may be compatible with telework. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Each member eligible for this leave shall be permitted to use the entire balance of the leave within the time prescribed. This is NOT an official United States Navy or government web site. If a second child is born prior to a member using all AML from a previous birth, the amount of maternity leave and AML resets up to 126 days. 3F0 USAFA Functional Advisor, USAFA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Information. 3. NAVADMIN 046/16 is linked to in the article as an update to NAVADMIN 182/15. b. Release from AD or FTNGD: Commanders will develop policies to ensure that those scheduled for release of AD receive consideration for restriction of movement for self-monitoring prior to release. Leave for Illness: follow convalescent leave under advice and direction of medical health care professionals Additionally, it supplements the requirements in DoD Instruction 6200.03, “Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) Within the DoD,” March 28, 2019. The Air Force Surgeon General oversees the convalescent leave program. If approved, unit will insure Soldier inputs extended convalescent leave as separate leave request from previously approved convalescent leave. ARNG-CSG will approve or deny extended convalescent leave request. Important Extended Convalescent Leave Notes: 1.) Leave requests not COVID-19 related is still authorized for local area only. Search convalescent leave and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. Each time I had a 30 day period of convalescent leave. All domestic travel for DoD military personnel, civilian personnel, family members that are Gov’t funded (TDYs and PCS). Only authorize if member incurs expenses for any lodging and meals that are not provided in-kind, but the member was directed to self-monitoring period. feeling of emptiness experienced by parents after the children, E.g. Command Leave Administrators shall run the report regularly to ensure the 126 days of maternity leave and AML is not exceeded. AML may be taken in multiple blocks of time within one year of the child’s birth. The PDS Personal Property Shipment office is responsible for processing the ETP. })(); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 3. s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse, s); ARNG-CSG is the only approval authority for this leave request. BLUF: There has been a lot of guidance pushed out regarding COVID-19, this one is extremely important.

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