Some feature armrests and backs while more traditional versions usually don’t. Selecting the right bar stools is an important choice for any pub, restaurant, cafe or hotel. Commercial Industrial Bar Stools – O&K Furniture Backless Swivel Bar Stool, #12. Or are you more interested in trendy bar stools that combine metal and wood materials for a whole new look? They might not be suitable for use at actual bars, except by very tall individuals, but they are suitable for a variety of other commercial purposes that don’t require sitting at a counter. For added comfort, you should opt for vintage industrial bar stools with backs. Industrial Metal Bar Stools – Furmax 30 Inches Gun Metal Bar Stools, #4. Naturally, this type of stool won’t be suitable for use at a bar as their reduced height will make sitting at a high bar inconvenient. This bar stool design commonly features aback, but not always, and usually doesn’t have an armrest. If the legs are not properly aligned or for some other reason makes sitting on a bar stool precarious, this is not advisable. This type of stools are usually covered with upholstery and may feature armrests and the ability to swivel. As you can tell from the name, this type of bar stool was designed with kitchen use in mind. Our commercial furniture is designed for use in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other hospitality venues. For this reason, such stools are typically built to be sturdier and more durable. A white industrial bar stool will make for nice furniture in a home but might not be ideal for commercial use due to the high likelihood of stains and other accidents that may tarnish its white color. Frame Options: Nufurn bar stools come in various frame options such timber, bentwood, steel and aluminium and with commercial warranty. The cost of such a stool will usually vary based on the quality of the leather with synthetic leather stools costing less than stools with genuine or rare leather. The Yorkshire Bar Stool in White is a 75-cm-high one-piece injection-moulded polypropylene plastic bar stool reinforced with glass fibre. They are available in a wide variety of painted colors and usually feature padded upholstery for comfort. This is another important thing to take into consideration if comfort is a priority. Industrial Leather Bar Stools – Samthorn Metal Industrial Barstool, #10. This type of stools can be used in homes but are typically found in diners that serve customers at their counter. At Have a Seat, you can choose models including our Hyland 3-Leg Barstool with a modern industrial design to the Tolix Barstool with timber seat and galvanised and powder coated steel frame. Henry Collection Steel Bar Stool With Shaker Gray Solid Wood Seat and Back, Oscar Collection Bar Stool With Gunmetal Steel Frame and Toasted Walnut Wood Seat / Back, Oscar Collection Bar Stool With Carbon Gray Steel Frame and Black Solid Wood Seat / Back, Windsor Collection Bar Stool in Weathered Iron, Elliot Collection Backless Black Steel Bar Stool with Shaker Gray Seat, Elliot Collection Backless Weathered Iron Bar Stool with Distressed Oak Seat, Elliot Collection Black Steel Bar Stool with Shaker Gray Seat and Back, Elliot Collection Weathered Iron Bar Stool with Distressed Oak Seat and Back, Henry Collection Backless Steel Bar Stool With Distressed Solid Wood Seat, Henry Collection Backless Steel Bar Stool With Shaker Gray Solid Wood Seat, Henry Collection Steel Bar Stool With Distressed Solid Wood Seat and Back, Transit Collection Bar Stool with Oak Wood Seat and Back, Canteen Collection Bar Stool with Oak Wood Seat and Back, Emory Bar Stool with Black Powder Coat and Wood Seat, Simon Collection Carbon Gray Steel Backless Bar Stool with Optional Wood or Vinyl Seat, Simon Collection Carbon Gray Steel Bar Stool with Optional Wood or Vinyl Seat, Simon Collection Clear Coat Steel Backless Bar Stool with Optional Wood or Vinyl Seat, Simon Collection Clear Coat Steel Bar Stool with Optional Wood or Vinyl Seat, Simon Collection Matte Black Steel Backless Bar Stool with Optional Wood or Vinyl Seat. We ship Australia wide. Regardless of if it’s made of wood or metal, the stool will be specially treated to minimize the risk of rot and rust. They can also be set up outdoors. They at times feature a footrest for supporting one’s feet while seated. Industrial Chic Bar Stools – Articial Retro Industrial Bar Stool, #6. Genuine wood industrial bar stools typically cost more than those made with synthetic wood. Get ready to find the perfect furniture for your bar or high top seating with East Coast Chair & Barstool’s large collection of commercial bar stools. Showing products 1-12 of 17. A footrest is crucial because the legs of whoever is sitting on the chair will be far from the ground and can make perching on such a seat uncomfortable without an attached footrest for support. The industrial backless bar stool as its name implies has no back for lumbar support. Be sure to opt for a bar stool with a sturdy build and balanced supports. Your answer to this question is what will determine what type of seat will work best for you. #1. Notify me when this product is available: The Georgia stool is a popular choice for a wide range of commercial and home environments. The back may be high or low, and it may or may not be covered with upholstery. The Verve Bar Stool in Grey is a fixed-height bar stool with an upholstered fabric seat and solid timber frame. You can also find them made of metal or plastic. Shop bar stools online or visit us in our Sydney & Melbourne showrooms! But bear in mind that not everyone will find a kitchen bar stool comfortable for dining. This type of bar stool is most suitable for luxury establishments. Other designs combine styles by having a leather seat but a plain back, or vice versa. As earlier stated, wood bar stools are a classic. Wood Bar Stools Wood commercial bar stools are unique in their power to fit into almost any environment. That said, backless bar stools do have a more classic, sleeker and cleaner look. The 24-inch height makes the stool easy to climb and dismount. It’s not the best for comfort or long periods of sitting, but it does add an interesting aesthetic quality to a room. But they can serve as indoor and outdoor furniture as well as comfy casual stools. Depending on the bar stool’s design, it may have four legs or three legs or some other unique type of support. Our commercial bar stools have been hand-picked with these requirements in mind. Providing reasonable comfort, these stools are available in different styles and finishes to enhance the décor. The Tolix Replica Wooden Seat Bar Stool in Black is a 46-cm-high bar stool with a wooden seat and a sturdy metal steel structure. This is because the height of a kitchen bar stool usually means the feet of the person sitting on it will not touch the ground.

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