Disperse immediately.”, Portland has been at the centre of massive protests before. In Texas, 1000 troops are on the ground across five cities to help police “deter any civil disturbance”, National Guard Commander Major-General James Brown said. Portland police walk past a fire started by a Molotov cocktail thrown at police on September 23. Mark Zuckerberg: ‘There Is a Real Risk of Civil Unrest in America’. God help us! They argue that the political stress indicator, or PSI, currently predicts dire problems for the US regardless of the outcome. Summit.news reports: Zero Hedge explains exactly what Bank of America is referring to with its warning of “civil unrest”: “So what’s going on here, is Wall Street really starting to worry about what we first said back in 2010 – much to Time Magazine’s mockery – that the Fed’s disastrous policies would eventually push US society to armed conflict and/or to civil war. Shops and businesses have been boarded up across the country and in cities where there was rioting and looting in the summer, among them Portland in Oregon and Chicago. “But worse likely lies ahead.”. That is outright Treason and they should be treated as such. The damage bill from the rioting, looting and arson in the months after the May 25 death of George Floyd has already been estimated at up to $US2 billion, Axios reported last month. This is not my opinion. You already have AOC demanding that Biden circumvent Congress and put in place her New Green Deal without any democratic process. Kerry vowed that under a Biden administration, America would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement to push the Great Reset but added, that this was “not enough.”, “The notion of a reset is more important than ever before” according to Kerry. the United States will plunge into violence with the prospect of civil war erupting as soon as 2022 but no later than 2024. “He will accept the will of the American people,” she told reporters. [1], This article is about incidents of civil unrest, rioting, violent labor disputes, or minor insurrections or revolts in the United States. Shop owners - any many Americans we’ve spoken to - fear riots and disorder whatever the outcome. “All persons must immediately leave the area. This is not a normal election – this is outright treason to everything the United States once stood for. Gottesman, Ronald, and Richard Maxwell Brown, eds. Much of downtown Washington has been boarded up over fears of violence after the presidential election on Tuesday. Arnold told General Washington that West Point was adequately prepared for an attack even though he was busy making sure that it really wasn’t ready at all and would surrender. There are fears the tense situation in the US could devolve into civil war following tomorrow’s election with Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issuing a “Do Not Travel” warning for the entire country. Our computer has been projecting civil unrest and international war. Benedict Arnold began corresponding with British spies. But that action will again lead to massive popular protests, this time to insist that the election results be honoured.”. Picture: Nathan Howard/Getty Images/AFPSource:AFP. Trump is throwing matches.”. 1942 – Sojourner Truth Homes Riot, February 28. Meanwhile, around the rest of the US, hundreds of National Guard troops have been stationed across the country in preparation for the election. The most recent protests to rock the US occurred in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington following another police shooting of an African American man. “It is widely believed there will be civil unrest after the election regardless of who wins,” Peter Newsham, Washington police chief, told The Times. 1935 – Terre Haute General Strike, July 22–23, A labor dispute between an enameling company and a labor union led to a two-day general strike. I seriously doubt that the majority of people who voted for Biden would have voted for the Great Reset if the Democrats dared to be honest that you would give up their freedom to travel, surrender their cars and their jobs and the people who will have wealth will be only those sanctioned by the political elite. Coronavirus Australia live updates: Victoria officially elim... Donald Trump’s phone call with supporters of his legal fight... Trump pardons former national security adviser Mike Flynn. This is outright open treason against the United States and Kerry is aiding and abetting the World Economic Forum which is now a declared foreign enemy of the United States expressing that it wants to overthrow the United States and hand its superpower status to the hand of many nations at the United Nations. Making the. “Protests and demonstrations continue in several US cities. Professor Turchin, an evolutionary anthropologist from the University of Connecticut, and Professor Goldstone, a sociologist from George Mason University, have developed a statistical model that connects inequality with political instability. In a recent article published by the Berggruen Institute think tank, the pair dubbed the upcoming period of chaos “the turbulent twenties”. Conflict with police following fatal shooting by, 2016 – Widespread protests erupt in response to two deaths at the hands of police, the, 2019 – Memphis riot, June 13, following the fatal shooting of Brandon Webber by. Last Thursday, Walmart announced it was removing all guns and ammunition from its sales floors – the country’s biggest retailer sells firearms in about half of its 4700 US locations – to head off any potential thefts if its stores are looted amid civil unrest. pic.twitter.com/7RcHyyv0YA. What the Democrats are doing engaging in politics as usual and it is not about raising your taxes 10%. “It is widely believed there will be civil unrest after the election regardless of who wins,” Peter Newsham, Washington police chief, told The Times. They get to lie about what they stand for, get elected on a fraudulent platform, and then claim they have a mandate to do what they never told the voters. 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