This tree has many similarities with the Eureka lemon tree, but the key distinguishing feature is that the Primofiori lemon tree is heavily thorned, while the Eureka lemon tree … The University of Wisconsin-Madison Master Gardener Program points out that indoor citrus plants need as much bright light as possible, such as in a south-facing or southwest-facing window. The National Gardening Association says that drafts, cold temperatures or fluctuations in soil moisture might be the cause of your lemon tree flowers falling off. Chances are, you won’t need to repot your lemon tree for at least a year. University of Wisconsin-Madison Master Gardener Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison Master Gardener Program: Indoor Citrus, National Gardening Association: Flower Drop on Lemon Tree - Knowledgebase Question, National Gardening Association: Edible Landscaping - Edible of the Month: Lemons and Limes, Oregon State University: Pucker Up, It’s Time to Talk Lemons. How Long Does It Take for Lemons to Ripen on a Lemon Tree? Through the eons that humanity has discovered, evolved, stumbled and self-destructed, lemons have been there. You will typically see purple buds on a lemon tree, while the flowers of a lime tree will be more white. Lemons prefer to be on the dry side of moist. You can also use clean and sharp hand nippers if it is easier. Even in a sunny spot, things like drafts from a door opening and closing could cause you to lose blossoms on a potted lemon tree. There are several different varieties of dwarf lemon trees available with the most popular being the Meyer lemon. HappyGrow Growing System – Never Re-Pot Your Tree. Lemons rose to popularity in the 18th century as a treatment for scurvy, with England mandating that every naval ship stock enough lemons for every sailor to have an ounce a day (a rule which exists to this day in the British Navy). Lemons (Citrus limon) typically grow outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11, according to the National Gardening Association. Columbus brought a handful of seeds to the Americas in 1493 and they spread alongside Spanish conquest. He's written four books and almost 500 articles, all devoted to empowering and inspiring Alberta gardeners. They thrive in poor, acidic soils, so a well-draining mix of potting soil and peat moss. Thus, if you live in a less congenial climate, you may not have the option of moving your dwarf lemon tree from your sunroom to your patio if it is a Eureka. Try to provide some supplemental and it will rebound. You’ll typically only need 1 tree to produce fruit, as most varieties are self-fertile. They like their roots, which are mostly near the surface, not to dry out but they hate wet feet. Eureka lemon trees have less dense foliage, which makes the fruit more prone to wind and sun damage than Meyer lemons. This is to prevent accumulation of nasty salts around the roots. Rob is Alberta's most popular gardening author. Citrus plants grow best between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Eureka lemon trees originated in California from seeds that came from Sicily in the late 1850s. Container grown lemons are either specific varieties that yield at a very small size (like the Meyer) or larger varieties that have been grafted onto dwarf rootstock. Fertilize in the summer. No matter how sunny the window, they still won’t get their preferred 12 hours of light a day (6 hours minimum) so you may need to provide a grow light in the winter. Vanessa is an avid gardener with experience helping things grow in the three corners of the country where she has lived — Florida, Pennsylvania, and Oregon. You certainly can – there are all kinds of dwarf citrus varieties available now (even a hybrid lemon lime variety that grows both fruits on the same tree! They’ve become an elegant, trendy houseplant solution thanks to their sweet smell, their waxy evergreen leaves, and the introduction of dwarf varieties that will produce even indoors (and yes, even in Alberta). While it is possible to grow lemons from leftover seeds, you’ll probably end up frustrated. Just a small amount of lemons is surprisingly healthy. Eureka lemons are definitely of the bitter lemon variety (AKA a “true” lemon) for all they can be pink inside, but the fruit of a Meyer lemon tree tends to be sweeter because it’s actually hybrid between a true lemon and the sweeter mandarin orange.

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