The pandemic has highlighted the industry's need to adopt a longer and more data-informed view about serving the continent. Health Care Management. This course presents an analysis of overall private wealth management. He named Corrado Passera, WG’80, as Italy’s minister of development, infrastructure and transport in November 2011 and charged him with righting the Italian economy. Finally, in 2000, Latin America hosted its first Global Alumni Forum, as 200 attended the event in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A 2013 Global Alumni Forum will be held in Tokyo from May 24-25, and a 2014 Global Alumni Forum will be held in Panama City. tax reform, deficits versus austerity, etc.) Particular attention will be paid to important policy issues relating to taxation, social security, low-income assistance, health insurance, education (both K-12 and higher ed), the environment, and government deficits. Our focus is on the supply of risk capital to corporations and economies, recognizing the unique position of emerging economies in this nexus. The course will spend time on risk financing, including insurance markets. We will emphasize (a) the critical role of an underlying economic theory of behavior in interpreting data and guiding analysis, as wel as (b) a range of advanced techniques for inferring causality from data, such as randomized controlled trials, regression discontinuity, difference-in-difference, audit study (mystery shopping) approaches and stock-market event studies. In this excerpt from his new book, professor Mauro Guillén forecasts the impacts of middle classes surging in China and India but shrinking in the U.S. and Europe. On campus, Wharton has made a concerted effort to organize and consolidate its public-policy efforts. Three years later, the Forum crossed continents, when 150 gathered in London for the first Global Alumni Forum in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Readings consist of textbook, case studies, and bulk pack articles. I have always enjoyed learning about how marketers create personal identities for their products, and what strategies are used to sway consumers to recognize and form a relationship with a product’s brand image. Boediono serves as the honorary chairman of Wharton Global Alumni Forum, Jakarta, which will be held June 22 and 23. Why do groups cooperate more than individuals to reduce risks? Inman, who advises government entities in finance, states that there is no substantive difference between what he does and what another faculty member would do for a private company. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called Boediono “honest, modest, consistent and tolerant” and stated that Boediono can help “in weathering the economic crisis.”. Privacy Policy. Bringing a wealth of theoretical tools and practical experience to bear on the relationship among business, government, and society, Wharton’s Business Economics and Public Policy Department has been an innovative force in research, teaching, and public service. To date, more than 25 different cities on five continents have hosted the Global Alumni Forums, and two more cities—Milan, Italy and Jakarta, Indonesia—will host the Forums in the coming months. After testing various models of public-policy instruction throughout the past 30 years, the School has found a new model that suits its students and research pursuits. I particularly enjoyed this class because we learned about past risk policy tools, both effective and ineffective, and were exposed to real-world risk scenarios and issue. The difference only lies in the recipient of this information. It is primarily a U.S. focused course, but does include a limited amount of international material for comparative purposes. Towards the end of the course, we will investigate specific policy questions, allowing us to debate solutions while hearing from policy makers operating in a world of behavioral agents. Home Accessibility Statement, Business Economics and Public Policy Papers, Cognitive Constraints on Valuing Annuities, A Theory of Collusion with Partial Mutual Understanding. This specialized course is usually only taken by Wharton students who plan to concentrate in actuarial science and Penn students who plan to minor in actuarial mathematics. It provides a comprehensive analysis of advanced life contingencies problems such as reserving, multiple life functions, multiple decrement theory with application to the valuation of pension plans. The leaders of tomorrow must be able to perform policy analysis as well as integrate policy issues into their general management thinking. In November 2011, international analysts feared that Italy—the world’s eighth largest economy—would soon follow Greece. New Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti chose a Wharton alumnus to address the problem. Wharton Undergraduate Programs; MBA Program. The course will conclude with a discussion of emerging markets and the role of risk management in developing a middle class needing new forms of risk transfer/financing. If so, what is it and why? Plans are already underway for future Forums. Prominent recent examples include disruptions from Hurricane Katrina, Japan's earthquake/nuclear disaster/supply chain breakdowns, Thai floods, U.S. wildfires, and global terrorist attacks. This course will cover the economic foundations of business strategy and decision-making in market environments with other strategic actors and less than full information, as well as advanced pricing strategies. After a brief career in food science, Shaz Kahng WG89 enrolled at Wharton with her gaze set on the C-suite. The emphasis will not be on proofs and derivations but rather on understanding the underlying concepts, the practical use, implications and limitations of techniques. This course explores the economics and politics of public policy to provide an analytic framework for considering why, how, and with what success/failure government intervenes in a variety of policy areas. Robert Inman, Wharton’s Richard King Mellon Professor of Finance and Professor and Department Chair of Business & Public Policy, argues that the careers of many Wharton students will cross between private and public organizations. This course should be attractive to most students to help them plan for their own or their families' financial affairs. Faculty Research This course complements BEPP 811, Risk and Crisis Management, which focuses on how firms can use various types of hedging instruments to manage pure risks (that is BEPP811's emphasis is primarily on the demand side of markets for pure risks whereas BEPP 812 examines the supply side of these markets). Passera is the chairman of Wharton Global Alumni Forum, Milan, which will take place May 17 and 18. This course will examine the provision of public services for firms and people through cities. The topics include: financial market booms and busts; business cycles; monetary and fiscal policies; inequality; the social welfare state; technological change and economic growth; and international trade and financial arrangements. Erik Desrosiers WG14 discusses the concept and offers ways leaders can better embrace new possibilities.

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