Generally, though, your board should have some policies and protocols to keep things civil, help the board come to decisions and provide minutes of what transpired in case of a dispute later on. Want a fun way to make a meeting more… dare I say… delicious? It can be around town, around the office, or around the building. 2. Today is Monday. If they disagree with a decision you can understand why. While it’s important for a board meeting to have a solid structure, it should also have a little flexibility built into the agenda for tackling topics that are crucial or unanticipated. Then ask everyone to write an interesting fact about themselves on the piece of paper and fold it into a paper airplane. Our adjacent product has 70 percent gross margins, so if we can get even a 20 percent attach rate, we can hold prices steady on our core product and increase total margin from 30 to 38 percent. In addition to the articles on this current page, also see Include copies of the prior meeting’s minutes for correction and review, so that they can be voted on and approved at the upcoming meeting. When people hear “meeting icebreaker,” they think of ”bonding exercises.” In this post I share 15 meeting icebreakers that are anti-boring and easy. In the rehearsal, a senior staffer would give a presentation and the rest of us would play the role of different board members – especially the board members who asked the toughest questions and the ones you could count on to ask a question where the only possible response was, “huh?”. Some nonprofits meet monthly, some every other month, and some once a quarter. For this one, you should have a prize ready for the winning team! Add sections for the major items of the agenda and room for extra note-taking. That way if they think you need to add to your agenda you can. How can I become a better Executive Director? Because I feel so strongly that monthly board meetings are (a) a huge time bandit for staff (b) provide too much opportunity for the board to get into the weeds and (c) are typically too short to accomplish everything a board needs to accomplish, I am not including a guide for that meeting frequency (ooh, I feel another blog post coming on!). Are you, Are you good at figuring out nonverbal communication? An icebreaker should not be too long, or it will take time away from the actual meeting. You can do as many rounds as time allows. Ask them what their spirit animal is! If they don’t like a question, they can choose another to answer! See if you can spot these cues with the, Have you ever noticed you date the same kind of person over and over again? I do not have a pet turtle! 90+ percent of financial packs come out 1-2 days before the board meeting, and I think 65 percent come one day before. We travel by airplane to sit around considering 0.02 percent stock grants? Warm-ups and icebreakers can make a difference. This is a way to frame the issue you're wanting to talk about. Then, he asked them to do a campus scavenger hunt where they had to run around taking selfies in front of specific locations. Send your agenda to each board member individually or set up calls in advance.Send the agenda in advance and ask for "pre calls" to see whether they'd like to add items to the board agenda or whether they think these topics are the right ones. How open are you to new experiences? So here’s a list of my favorite icebreakers to avoid having those awkward meetings. Pass out different-colored sheets of paper to each person attending the meeting. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); To round out your knowledge of this Library topic, you may When I was the Executive Director of GLAAD, I always tried to think a few board meetings ahead. Feeling funky? About six weeks before your board meeting you should meet with the executive team who attends or prepares for board meetings and agree what the … Have ideas for topics I should cover? That way if you're squeezed for time you either rush the admin (if it's truly just admin) at the end or you can approve it via a UWC (unanimous written consent) after the board meeting, or schedule a 15-minute admin call in between board sessions to approve this. If this sounds like your company and that I'm talking about you -- it's only because this is how more than 50 percent of boards are run. Is this extra work versus just turning up at a board meeting and presenting financials? There are three tests whether this is relevant for your next board meeting: 3. The following is a narrative, but if you have a lot of board experience I'm guessing this will sound all too familiar. First, a planning guide for those who have board meetings bi-monthly. Have everyone take turns answering questions. (It can be good news or it can be bad news -- but it, "This is an issue that is bubbling up and I'd like to get my board's input to make sure I'm thinking about it correctly. It helps to have a template for taking minutes ready prior to the meeting that has the date, time, and location of the meeting already on it. The Yahoo Board Will Discuss Future of Company, Marissa Mayer During Meeting There are rumors that the board is considering selling its core Internet business. Very few people turn up with a strong sense of "what we should be doing" or ready to lean into a productive conversation. Create a 5-10 page presentation in your favorite presentation software on any key issues you are grappling with. The meeting starts. We have a few debates in each function because that's what people do; if you put up five slides on "what should we order for lunch today" the board will spend 30 minutes debating that. ME: “Thursday? It should last enough time for people to feel comfortable and relaxed enough to easily discuss more important topics later on in the meeting. You can even create your own private room and send a unique link so your whole team can join. The key is, you cannot share the same commonality with anyone else. This is helpful for not putting people on the spot. Nonprofit Capacity Building Blog, Copyright, A speed networking session doesn’t just have to be for networking or new people. (Note: If you want to learn more about my coaching services, click here.). What matters is that you figure out how to best work with your board. You could even give folks a reasonable amount of time to write a board report and (gasp!) “When is your next board meeting,” I asked one of my Executive Director clients. Ask everyone in the room to find a partner. Bring the checklist to the meeting. You want to have that complete with a reasonable timeframe after the close of the fiscal year. Once the bowl of candy has been passed around, each person has to answer a question for each color they take. After both people have answered and the two-minute timer is up, have them find a new partner and assign them a new conversation starter.

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