[Powered by SabineTek] Bluetooth lavalier microphone works with App running on your phone or third-party applications that supports ordinary Bluetooth channels, such as FILMIC Pro---you can NOT use it with the phone camera or for zoom, work with FB live, YouTube live or do other on live streaming ; You can record in the app then upload to some social media platform or computer via Bluetooth. Such as iPhone … Bluetooth Lavalier Microphone,ZealSound SmartMic Wireless Lapel Smart for Bloggers and Vloggers,Easy Clip On for Recording YouTube Interview Video Teaching Conference Podcast Content Creator Lecture ZealSound Smart Bluetooth Microphone for Vlog. The best solution to have the helmets and an external microphone plugged into the only 3.5mm mini-jack port that the mobiles bring, is to use the following Rode adapter (it is compatible with any microphone, even if it is not from Rode, I have personally tested it with a lot of lavalier microphones … First of all, Boya wireless lavalier microphone … That being said, it has got a solid construction to make sure that it can run for a long period of time. The best wireless lavalier microphone system comes with a durable and sturdy design.

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