Don’t miss out on the best deals of the year, delivered right to your inbox! Zoom on the photo to crop it if you wish, then tap “Choose.”. You can find app icon image sets by searching for them online—or you can literally make your own using images from your iPhone’s camera roll. Note: To achieve some of these looks, especially the cool iOS 14 widget ideas, you’ll need some third party apps such as Widgetsmith, Color Widgets, and Photo Widget. Credits: u/h4gy, @nikknotfound, @forestminish, @polarrr14. Get free icons of Aesthetic app logos in iOS, Material, Windows and other design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects. If you want your iOS 14 home screen to feel a bit more artistic, using hand-illustrated icons are a great way to achieve that. Reporting on what you care about. Credits: u/peamonster123, @therapagenda, u/Jawzzz24, u/darkejon, Credits: @pissgf, @cosmintrica, @clikkietylerr, Credits: @omgfaiza, @selena_houston, @ffiondraws, @SarahTwloha. Fall Aesthetic iOS 14 App Icons. This cute fall aesthetic … You can. The deal behind that is when Apple dropped iOS 14 last week, it became the first iPhone operating system that allowed people to customize the look of their home screen via widgets—one of the major features of the latest operating system. Take a look at some of these iPhone custom home screen mods below . But these custom app icons aren’t a built-in feature in iOS 14. These home screen themes are offered in black & white, colored pastels, and in neutral colors. As well, welcome to check new icons and popular icons. That means if you want to make your home screen look tidy and only show customized app icons, you’ll need to move all the real apps to a folder on another home screen to hide them. Get it from Shopjazitea for $1.50 on Etsy. Let us know in the comments below! ✨??? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, A Thanksgiving marked by surging covid-19 cases and questions about a leading vaccine candidate, The Latest: Australian state marks 28 days with no new case. These sleek app Icons are available here. Icon Pack, Widgets & Wallpapers Available Here. Also note that when you tap on one of these app icons, it won’t launch the app right away. Get it from TheSimpleEdit for $5.99 on Etsy. 163 Black Aesthetic iOS 14 App Icons. In this case, you’ll want to name it the same as the name of the app you are creating the icon for. But then some enterprising users found that not only could you customize your home screen layout with iOS 14 widgets, but that you could actually customize your iPhone home screen app icons—enabling you to give your iPhone a unique look. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Now here’s how you get custom app icons on your iPhone: Once you’ve gone through all these steps, you’ll see the new app icon on your home screen. . An iPhone running iOS 14 or later (obviously), The Shortcuts app. This comes on the iPhone as default, but if you’ve deleted it you’ll need to redownload it from the App Store again. Back in the New Shortcuts screen, tap the three dots (…) in the upper-right corner. These super-cute doodle icons that'll brighten your day: This calming blue gradient that will make you want to sip a margarita on the beach: These wild leopard-print icons that'll really make your phone pop: This all-black theme that will bring joy to even the darkest of souls: This orange theme that really lets the spooky season jump out: This relaxing water theme that'll make you wanna dive into a luxurious pool: These rainbow icons that will make your screen bold and beautiful: This pretty theme that has a neutral desert vibe: This perky pinky nude theme that's pretty perfect: This vibrant teal theme that makes a big statement: And finally, this simple sandy theme aesthetic. Minimal Aesthetic iOS Home Screen Ideas . 20 Satisfying And Aesthetically Pleasing App Icon Themes For Your iPhone. Get it from iOS14Creatives for $3.90 on Etsy. If fall is your favorite season, you’ll love this icon pack that features 32 icons for your most-used apps, all designed in beautiful earthy tones that capture the spirit of fall.

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