Compared to other restaurants’ sandwiches, I was surprised at how small this sandwich actually is. Best of all, they're simple to make at home, using ingredients you can easily find at the grocery store. Here's how they compared. You're going to need a few napkins. With its juicy, crispy chicken and well-balanced flavors, Popeyes' classic chicken sandwich was far better than the rest. Note: While many restaurants are closed to dine-in customers, all of the eateries on this list are offering delivery or to-go orders. While most fast food grilled chicken can be left dry and overcooked, this sandwich defies the odds. The crowd favorite at the Wandering Goose features skin-on chicken thighs that have been brined in buttermilk and fried to order. Just $8 gets a crispy free-range bird with a gluten-free crust that's seasoned with a North African berbere spice blend and topped with house-made celery-onion-apple slaw, mayo, and pickles on a freshly baked bun. Best-Ever Fried Chicken Sandwiches Rating: Unrated 11 These chicken sandwiches are inspired by Federal Donuts' sandwich, with a sriracha-mayo sauce and twice-fried chicken. We know, this is devastating. This cozy shack brings the flavors of the South to Rocky Mountain country, and its fried chicken sandwich is not to be missed. A pretzel bun, literally my dreams in the form of a sandwich. Considering more and more brands have been joining the chicken wars by releasing their own signature sandwich, these offerings definitely aren't all made the same—and their ingredients and nutritional info should be put to the test. That’s how these brands need to be thinking because having great chicken just isn’t cutting it anymore. In a town famous for its hot chicken, relative newcomer Hattie B's has become a contender. ), Raising Cane's sandwich meal is a lot with three chicken fingers, Cane's sauce, and lettuce on a Kaiser roll. The Best and Worst Fast-Food Chicken Sandwiches, According to a Dietitian. I taste-tested fried-chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-A, KFC, McDonald's, Arby's, Shake Shack, Burger King, Popeyes, and Wendy's to see how they compared. Chick-Fil-A's chicken sandwich is a classic for a reason, but it's also one of the lowest-calorie options out of all the fast-food chicken sandwiches. The bun wasn’t anything special and seemed like a missed opportunity to compliment the meat. At this Southern comfort-fare specialist, Aunt Annie's fried chicken sandwich comes with many compelling options. Shake Shack recently reintroduced their Hot Chick’n Sandwich with their own cooling pepper slaw. While it promises crisp, it was more chewy than crispy. Over two months, we revisited classics and tried out new restaurants from Provo to Salt Lake. "That's the equivalent of approximately 11 pickle spears! The talented husband-wife duo behind Howlin' Ray's brought the heat of on-trend Nashville hot chicken to L.A. and have kept the bar high (and lines long) with a phenomenal sandwich. It was alright, aside from the stale potato bun. Ever since, any fast food brand that unveiled a chicken sandwich was described as either entering the chicken sandwich wars, as Forbes did for McDonald's in October, or restarting it, as QSR describes Zaxby's attempt to muscle in with a full-on military-style promotional campaign for their chicken sandwiches. It was also the cheapest sandwich, at $4. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Whether you go for fried or grilled, here are our 8 best chicken sandwich recipes. By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider While I hoped to enjoy KFC’s Crispy Colonel Sandwich, I can’t say that I did. The chicken's topped with tangy housemade Creole mustard, bread-and-butter pickles, and honey from the rooftop hives, sandwiched between warm house biscuits. Yes, a certain famous fried chicken fast-food haunt is closed on Sundays, but this Decatur restaurant has come to the rescue (but just on Sundays). For starters, the chicken is juicy and not dry, the breading is evenly coated and it’s all about the crisp and crunch. I ate the same meal at Texas Roadhouse, Outback Steakhouse, and LongHorn Steakhouse. It’s all in the details with their Spicy Chicken Sandwich and even some of the smallest ingredients can make a big impact. The tomato was … This option has significantly fewer calories and fat than the worst three. While this would still win as a standalone because it’s just that good, it only gets even better with crisp barrel cured pickles, classic or spicy mayonnaise on a toasted buttery brioche bun. But Popeye's, as we've warned before, is not the best chicken sandwich from a health standpoint. November 23, 2020. A relative newcomer, Boxcar Betty's has a signature Boxcar sandwich featuring crunchy, fried-to-order chicken made tender and juicy thanks to a long brine, and served on top of oozing pimento cheese with peach slaw, house pickles, and spicy mayo on a freshly baked bun. On that day, Cutty's ceases making other sandwiches and instead fries up delicious buttermilk-brined chicken coated in 12 herbs and spices. Without that, Arby’s nailed it in their promotional messaging—it’s nothing fancy. 40 Mouthwatering Roast Beef Sandwiches Across America, 46 Restaurants to Satisfy Late Night Cravings. "The number of calories and total carbs in this sandwich are almost double that of a number of the other sandwiches listed," says Pine. The crispy bird has flown to the top of sandwich menus across the United States with the best chefs in the country luring hungry eaters with their finest renditions — not to mention numerous fast food joints, including Popeye's and Chick-fil-A, flocking in an attempt to rule the roost. The Almost Famous "Closed on Sunday" Chicken Sandwich, which only appears on the Sunday brunch menu, is made with chicken brined in pickle juice and ranch dressing seasoning. This ode to Southern hospitality in South Beach features a fried chicken sandwich that comes as a pair in case you want to share – but you probably won't. Jack In The Box . The chain is also very transparent about what's in the sandwich and how it's made. You might want to use a napkin as a bib. 24 Diner | Austin, Texas.

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