BIRDS. Begin to realize how you act or talk to other people. However, your friends might not say anything to you because this will show shame on their part. Killing Birds With Catapult | Dream Interpretation . It is possible to dream about killing someone or about seeing that another person has killed someone. I've had this dream at least twice. THE DREAM I think I was standing in the kitchen talking to my mom when a bug started flying around I was trying to swat it with a towel all of a sudden it turned into a bird. This is only a little section of my dream, the only one that involves a bird. It is a favorable dream to see birds of beautiful plumage. In the dream world, some animals could represent demon, and others could be a familiar spirit, a human being or even an angel. Feeding the idea of freedom or transcendence. The keywords of this dream: Killing Birds Catapult. Encouraging yourself or believing in yourself. Dream about killing spiders could mean that you are going to get rid of troubles, difficulties, or problems that may come your way in life. You can be dreaming of killing a member of your family, of killing someone who was stalking you, etc. This bird in a dream can also be a symbol of love, and if killed in a dream might signify the end of a relationship. I grabbed it walked out side and let it go. Dream of killing a bird means that you are responsible for things that do not flow in your life. Dreams about killing snakes can be a sign of upcoming challenges in your life that you are about to face. This dream can mean that you are ready to confront all the problems that may come your way. This dream might also represent some important male figure in your life. Sometimes, this dream might be a sign of some threat approaching. Moulting and songless birds, denotes merciless and inhuman treatment of the outcast and fallen by people of wealth. However, for example, a dream of killing some animals that are planning to hurt you, harm you, kill you, symbolizes sound deliverance and happiness. Dream of a dead bird. I stood there thinking it would come back but it never did. Dreams about eagles also symbolize pride, courage, nobility and strong intellect. Alternatively, consider the type of bird you are feeding. It is important to note that when you dream about killing a snake in your dream this can be a sign of the fear, problems, and troubles you are about to face in the nearest future. I held it up really high and it flew off. Killing birds may reflect intentionally souring an inspiring idea or someone else's freedom. This type of dream could also have a negative meaning, relating to bad luck and misfortune and it can. To dream of feeding birds represents encouragement, inspiration, or supporting the idea of trying to overcome problems. I'm leaving a house through the front door (white) and there are are a few porch steps and a column-also white. Details that appear in your dream of killing someone play the most important role. It flew away for a second and then came back and landed on my finger. The dream meaning of a dead bird can show that some of your friends need moral support. Pretty much, a normal, suburban house. This type of dream could also represent the end of certain things in your life such as deceit, and being trapped. A wealthy and happy partner is near if a woman has dreams of this nature.

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