Very pleased!!! For the price, are you kidding? I had several odds and ends similar microphones, but couldn't pass this up when I saw the price and read through a few reviews. I was not really sure about buying these mics... but we are so Blessed that we did buy them. Would buy them again. My band did a small backyard party and I didn"t want to pull apart our rehearsal room so I took a chance on these mics because of the insane price. I bought these "hoping" I wasn't throwing my money away. I man my sound crew are very impressed with the sound quality of these the Beringer ZX1800S microphones. The freq resp is almost identical, these are obviously not as durable but that's not what theyre for. They have clips to hold them on a stand. I don't know. Sweetwater's service and communication has been very prompt and professional. Oh and I gotta throw in, they sound is better than the SM58 for actual singing. Hey there! I own shure sm58 mics,you will NOT be disappointed in these vocal mics. These mics not only look great they sound better than than I ever expected. Our amp system is a small portable Fender P150 via a Behringer XENYX 1202 mixer. Incredible value for a quality Mic. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. Great pickup. Perfect for young groups just starting out or for practice use. They sound great and if lost, stolen, or broken then they are easy to replace. My entire band ended up using them, so I ended up ordering another set. Unbelievable! They were hot and extremely clear sounding. Ive also started using them when i run sound for bands.Behringer XM1800S. I was amazed with the quality, price and service I received from Sweetwater Music! By that the shures you had to speak louder to get the same decibels .. Plus the Behringer's are just a little heavier than the peavey was bout the same weight as the shures. Very responsive and clear - use them for live sound and recording and haven't had one issue yet!!! I'm running them through a Behringer Xenyx 1204USB mixer. If I need more mics I am definitely going to order another 3 pk. Works well as an instrument mic as well. Everyone commented on how FABULOUS the entire music sounded today. I put it aginst my shures and peavey mics and honestly my sure were quieter than my 1800s. They have a strong signal and are a little on the tinny side. The design of these mic must have changed or something. Defiantly worth your time and money. These microphones perform very well and for the price are a good value. Wow fantastic microphone. I carry one of them with me to my gigs in case my main microphone bites the dust. Sweetwater Sound It has really changed the sound quality positively. Bought these for one of my KJ setups. I am impressed. I should also add that it's your singing that ultimately makes a mic sound good, not the mic it's self. I purchased these as an addition to my karaoke setup and was very impressed. Not that big of issue. These did the job fine! I purchased these mics about three months ago. The only negative is the clips included are too small. I bought a 3-pack of the XM8500s to use for live playing so I could leave the studio mics at home. Learn More. So I took a chance and it turned out great. Questions about the Behringer XM1800S Dynamic Vocal & Instrument Microphone (3-pack)? After dealing with older and worn equipment I purchased this package mostly for the price,but what a great supprise! I bought these to use for recording podcasts with a multi-person panel. Bonus that they have on/off switches. There is no noticeable difference in sound quality. I like the on/off switch. For the $$, this deal can't be beat for ME. I have used them on several occasions (studio and Stage) and they sound phenomenal. Thank you for your request. I put them in service and they work very veryvery good --- everyone is happy that i got them for chruch and they great one for us. After hot gluing the wind screen back on to it's threaded ring on one mic it's just fine. After reading several reviews about this microphone I decided to buy it for my church. Great value to boot. We use them at our Church & they do sound real good, you will not be disappointed in buying them. Great mic, great price, very sensitive to hand movement so better use a mic stand. I was very suprised at the quality ! So amazing. What the heck I bought them. We had a house party with some Karaoke and I didn't want to use my better mics for that kind of handling by lots of party people. When these mics arrived, i couldnt wait to use them. I'd recommend them for anyone with similar applications and a limited equipment budget. Used one for the first time last Saturday when the band played at a high school reunion. Outstanding Microphone. We borrowed this brand from other musicians and just had to purchase some for our church group. I will be buying more of these mics . I used these for singing and miccing drums and amps. I wrote the following product feedback to my great and helpful sales engineer, Alex Campos yesterday :). Yes, it seems too good to be true for even me, but I seen some really good reviews. We recently bought these mics for our nursing home ministries singing team. I was a little skeptical about ording these mics, The price looked too good to be true. So you are looking at these microphones and thinking "cheap and probably sound lame", I did for years until I started playing with some pinheads that did not respect my Shure mic's so I bought some of these as throw-aways. I feel they out-perform my SM58, just like some other folks are reporting. I would not recommend for continuous daily use, unless you plan to replace them after a lot of use. Not to mention the outstanding customer service from our Sweetwater Sales Rep!!!! Vocals, instruments they do the job. Great mics...everyone has their preference and mine has always been my Shure Unisphere (pre-Sm58) but these have me re-thinking the rig. These sound really good. The gear snob in me wants to upgrade to a SM7, RE20, etc, but right now the podcast is sounding fine so I'm happy for now. I have to say we started a Church in a Theatre a few weeks ago. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. Very good for speaking engagements and okay for singing. We simply rolled off some highs and they sound as good as any mic in our church hall. People walking passed the building walked in to hear us. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. Didn't know what to expect from these mics, given the low cost. They come in a pack of 3 for about $60. The only difference I could find was I had to gain the XM to about halfway on my board vs. just a quarter on the Shure. The carrying case is a little flimsy, but the case and attachments feel like freebies, so I'm not complaining. There's one (1) mic stand adaptor and they come in a padded carrying case! So for the price I don't know of anything else that will work so well. I own over a dozen vocal microphones and this xm1800s 3 pack is awesome! They have proven to be quite durable in less than kind hands, and with great sound quality. Best bang for the buck as far as I am concerned if you need an all purpose economy mic. They are as good as Shure's SM 58. I am very pleased and hats off to Sweetwater. But the price of these mics plus three additional clips still doesn't exceed the cost of one Shure mic, even on the low end. I have had no issues so far. I do karaoke shows and needed some good mics for the singers this mics are very good for the price. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Three high quality mics with on off switch and padded case...! Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. I own over a dozen vocal microphones and this xm1800s 3 pack is awesome! I bought a set of xm1800s mics several months ago, and they are awesome.Bought some more recently and yes, they work fine, but are smaller, and the mic holders that go on the stands are of a different design. HI these mick's has been doing great in southern comfort bar&grill there good and strong thanks fred james.

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