This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. Photographer You can order at any time and your plants will be delivered to you at the best time for planting. Double-flowered Autumnali's' cherry tree is 25 to 35 foot tall and wide tree, usually with a multiple trunk, slender, upright branches, and a round canopy. Standards are available in different forms relating to their girth size (circumference of the stem measured 1m above soil level), not height: Standard  either 6-10cm or 8-10cm girth, approximately 2.5-3.0m in height Premium Standard  10-12cm girth, approximately 3.0-3.5m in height Heavy Standard  12-14cm girth, approximately 3.5-4.5m in height Extra Heavy Standard 14-16cm girth approximately 4.0-6m in height, Ornamental Trees Ltd. VAT no. This tree also boasts a good autumn leaf colour, with the ovate and sharply-toothed leaves turning to blistering shades of orange and russet red before falling. All trees are carefully packed by our experienced team and most are delivered within 10 days of placing the order. Types of Cherry Blossom Trees. Mature and pleached trees or orders too large for pallet: Cost is calculated in the checkout process and varies by postcode rather than quantity (starts from £48 + vat). Although it is possible to leave your Autumnalis Winter Flowering Cherry tree to its own devices, if you prune it for the first few years it will create a more balanced branch framework. Autumnalis Fall Blooming Cherry Tree - 5 Gallon Pot One of our favorite fall flowering trees, the Autumnalis Flowering Cherry presents its gorgeous deep pink buds that open to semi-double, soft-pink to white flowers in mid to late fall and intermittently through warmer periods of winter! Autumnalis is the only Cherry Blossom Tree known to consistently bloom twice in a year! Please note we are experiencing high levels of emails so there may be a delay with the response, for this we can only apologise. Prunus subhirtella Autumnalis is an Autumn-Winter flowering cherry tree with white blossom. Our pot grown Autumnalis Winter Flowering Cherry trees can be planted at any time of the year. PLEASE NOTE:  We are located behind the Londis Supermarket in the Bridge Centre in Clarenbridge. Opening from deep pink buds, the delightful blooms make 'Autumnalis' a popular small tree for winter interest and can brighten up the greyest of days. You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. Date Taken: Saturday, April 4, 2009. Mail-Order-Trees cannot be held responsible for orders not received if an incorrect address is provided. Kill the weeds first: for tough weeds like nettles, brambles and ground elder, you will usually need a glyphosate based weed-killer to get rid of them. Watering & weeding will be necessary for at least a year after planting. Phone: 0800 066 5972/ 01638 724992, Due to the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the decision to minimise the amount of staff we have on site as we consider their safety of the upmost importance. Delivery: Our standard delivery charges are: Because couriers sometimes experience delays, we schedule delivery by week, not by day. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in.. © 2020 Ornamental Trees Ltd. All Rights Reserved. . Dig a square hole as deep as your root mass and approximately 1.5x as wide. We are still taking and dispatching orders however we estimate the delivery time to be 10-15 working days to keep up with the increase in demand. We don't recommend them for exposed, windy sites, where they will be blown out of shape by the wind. This little baby started off as a stick. Orders will be despatched when all trees are ready. We will give you a refund or send replacements and send a courier to come and collect the unwanted plants. Prepare your site before planting: It is good to dig over the site where you plant a tree several months in advance. Feathered: A feathered tree has branches from the bottom of the trunk all the way up. 1 small tree (most trees under 1.5 metres in height) : £9.95 + vat, 1 medium tree (most trees 1.5-2 metres in height) or 2-4 small trees: £11.95 + vat, 2+ medium trees or 5+ small trees: £14.95 + vat, 1-4 trees delivered by pallet (inc. mature Japanese Maples): 24.95 + vat. Choosing a location away from strong winds protects the blossom display. . Prices for Scotland, Grampian, the Highands can be found in the checkout area. Prunus Autumnalis. Its among the oldest Cherry Blossom varieties and also the most famous, including Yoshino and the Double-Pink Weeping Cherry. Prunus × subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ Rosebud Cherry. Make sure that the tree's trunk isn't rubbing against the stake. Mature Himalayan Birch Trees | Betula utilis jacquemontii, Mature Japanese Maple Trees | Acer palmatum, Mature Rowan Trees | Sorbus | Mountain Ash, Join Our Online Newsletter For The Latest News & Updates, View Flowering Cherry Trees | Prunus Trees. 20-40 Ft in height and 15-30 Ft in width; Sun Preference. Air Purifying,Cat Safe,Deer Resistant,Disease Resistant,Dog Safe,Drought Tolerant,Non-GMO,Privacy,Salt Tolerant,Water-Wise, 5 (-20 to -10 F),6 (-10 to 0 F),7 (0 to 10 F),8 (10 to 20 F),9 (20 to 30 F), Recommended Space Between Plantings (in. Bridge Centre, Clarenbridge Galway Ireland H91 NTP0. All Rights Reserved. Hi, just a note to let you know that we do use cookies to help us determine what our customers really want and therefore to give them the great service that they deserve. Avoid planting cherry blossom trees in frost pockets or North facing sites in colder areas. Watering should be thorough, so the ground is soaked. Ashridge Trees despatch them during the season but they can be pre-ordered in summer. We have a standard flat rate charge of £7.95 per consignment (including VAT) to England and Wales so the more you buy, the more you save! Avoid banking the soil up around the collar of the tree. Special notes on caring for Prunus subhirtella Autumnalis Cherry trees: Prunus subhirtella Autumnalis is an ornamental tree that will perform best when it receives a yearly mulch of well-rotted manure or compost to help keep the soil around it fertile. This wonderful cultivar is extremely popular worldwide due to its unique fall/winter appeal and is known by different names in different locations, including Winter-Flowering Cherry, Higan Cherry, Pendula and the Rosebud Cherry.

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