Introduced by Vikings more than 1,000 years ago! The Nabarlek (Petrogale concinna) spends most of its life hiding in rugged rocky landscapes and only emerges at night to feed on grasses. Hal Brindley is a wildlife photographer, film-maker, and writer living in Asheville, North Carolina. Make sure you check out our post on animals that hibernate and our list of animals that live in the desert. We receive a small percentage of sales made through them at no extra cost to the reader. If you enjoyed out list of animals that start with n, please pin it on Pinterest! Here are 37 animals beginning with N and a short description of each. The Brown Noddy (Anous stolidus), which I’ve drawn in the illustration below, is found in tropical oceans around the world and nests in large noisy colonies. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Some fun facts about letter N … This bizarre technique is called forehead brooding. Nudibranchs are a diverse group of more than 2,300 species of ridiculously colorful sea slugs (gastropods). Nyalas are shy and prefer dense cover, making them one of the more difficult large antelope to spot on a South African safari, but we’ve managed to see quite a few during our visits. What do you get when you add a pointy nose, a prehensile tail, a super long tongue, and tarsier feet to a tiny hyperactive marsupial that only eats flower nectar? The Nightcrawler! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. (Plus my top 5 favorite animals that start with n!) I love the Noolbenger! Examples of animals that have names starting with the letter N include; Nabarlek, Napu, Narwhal, Neddicky, and Nene among many others. The Nurseryfish (Kurtus gulliveri) has an unusual reproductive strategy. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It’s also one of the largest birds in the world (after the ostrich, emu, and cassowary). The name Nudibranch (pronounced NEW-dih-brank) means naked gills, referring to the exposed gills that most carry on their backs. Cetacea. We often see them flying up from the dirt roads during night drives in South Africa. The rubber-ducky call of the tiny Brown-headed Nuthatch is especially cute. The crazy thing about newts is that they start life as an aquatic larva with gills, then metamorphosize into a juvenile terrestrial stage with lungs (called an eft), and then transform again back to an aquatic (or semi-aquatic) adult stage to reproduce! They include 3 species in the genus Nucifraga: Clark’s, Spotted, and Large-Spotted. Still can’t think of any animals that start with n? December 24, 2018 December 23, 2018 by Muhammad Aziz. The least popular N animal is the nightingale, a vocal bird species known for its early morning song. There are 6 species but the one I’ve drawn here is the adorable little Brown Nunlet which is found only in a tiny range in Western Amazonia. But somehow he manages to fit just one more sentence in. These guys are very special members of a very special group of animals: the Cephalopods (which includes the octopuses, squid, cuttlefish, and nautiluses). They get particularly excited around sources of artificial light at night and may accidentally “fly” straight into people on boats! If you’re ok with multi-word common names of animals that start with n, then check our other post: Animals Beginning With N: the Humongous List! Like other electric rays it possesses a pair of large electric organs that are positioned on each side of the head. You can find all of our animals organized by letter below! Male Napu have no horns or antlers. You can read a more wordy bio on our about page. Females do not grow the hook. Sirenia. The Common Nase is found in European rivers around the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the North Sea. Animals that start with the letter N. A-Z animals with pictures and information. The Numbray (Narke dipterygia) is the most shocking of all the animals that start with n. Literally. They use their thick bills to tear open pine cones and retrieve the seeds, which they carry in a pouch under their tongue and then bury elsewhere for the winter. Kind of like a hobbit hole! And if your want to go even deeper, check out our other post with over 700 multi-word names of Animals Beginning With n: the huge list! They have empty chambers inside their spiral shell which are filled with an inert gas to maintain neutral buoyancy, and they swim around with jet propulsion!

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