I’m a developer of Barcode Scanner. When I set the orientation to sensorPortrait it simply does nothing. Leave a comment. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Instead, the activity remains running and its onConfigurationChanged() method is called. PORTRAIT (Android only) 7. I also have a couple lines in the manifest. I'm also trying to lock my android application in portrait. OK. If you want to lock the screen orientation change of any screen (activity) of your android application you just need to set the android:screenOrientation property of an within the AndroidManifest.xml: 6 years ago. it really helped me, one thing that I noticed is that at least on zxing 2.1 you need to pass “rotatedData” to buildLuminanceSource instead of just “data”, the line end up like this: Well I made a small change in ProjectLibrary (xzing project) and able to change orientation landscape to portrait, In setDesiredCameraParameters method of class CameraConfigurationManager added, .. in my original project’s AndroidManifest.xml file. So when you run the example again, the toast message will not be shown that means the onCreate method is not invoked when change screen orientation. If I change it to fullsensor it works but I don't want a landscape view. On initFromCameraParameters method in CameraConfigurationManager there is an assumption that the scan is ALWAYS in landscape mode, and therefor a fix when width < height. - Open source applications for studying, Press J to jump to the feed. - News for Android developers javascript – window.addEventListener causes browser slowdowns – Firefox only. Analytics cookies. One of the most common “solutions” to dealing with orientation changes is to not deal with them. Even if its not, best practice is to use "portrait" and then set sensor rotation in your onCreate like so: Edit addition: And do you have android:configChanges="orientation" in your manifest too? Set additional property at call to scanner : Reference link : https://github.com/journeyapps/zxing-android-embedded#changing-the-orientation. android:screenOrientation="portrait" android:configChanges="keyboardHidden|keyboard|orientation"> aber wenn ich debug meinem code die variable isLandscape ist Wahr, wenn es soll angeblich Falsch sein . Is this possible? Thank you for your answer!! Barcode Scanner+ scans in portrait mode, and you can integrate with it via Intent in exactly the same way that you integrate with Barcode Scanner. Change android:screenOrientation="portrait" for CaptureActivity in manifest. Questions: I use Visual Studio 2019 for mobile application development. I used it in my hybrid app. - Handy tools I have the class attribute set [Activity (Label = "Scan World", MainLauncher = true, Icon = "@drawable/icon", ScreenOrientation = Android.Content.PM.ScreenOrientation.Portrait)] public class MainActivity : Activity.. If there is no solution to getting sensorPortrait to work maybe I could use fullsensor but limit the orientation to only portrait and reverseportrait. Questions: I am trying to get phone authorization to work but it never seems to send a code to my phone. Why. You have to “rotate” the image data, and account for the orientation of the device, its default orientation, and its sensor’s orientation. javascript – How to get relative image coordinate of this div? Wenn ich das Bild nehmen, ich kann sehen, dass der Bildschirm dreht sich kurz vor dem Eintritt der Kamera. https://github.com/Dbuggerx/BarcodeScanner, February 20, 2020 Android Leave a comment. Questions: I want to intent to another fragment but I got an error java.lang.ClassCastException: android.view.ContextThemeWrapper cannot be cast to androidx.appcompat.app.AppCompatActivity.

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