The majority of people are saying the PG58 and SM58 either sound very similar, you can’t tell the … Try both. Perhaps the most iconic vocal microphone ever made is the Shure Sm58, and the D5 has been described as AKG’s competition for the mic we have seen used on … It can cut through a dense mix. Another Dynamic mic with clear sound and lower smoother frequencies are Heil Sound PR35 – Cardioid Dynamic. The reason for this is that they are extremely affordable while sounding great. Those who are not too happy with the rounder sound and bass emphasis of the SM58 found themselves at home with the Shure Beta 58A’s clearer sound. Another is the AKG P5 … I wouldn't use it for much of anything else, except maybe studio vocals. However, Shure SM58 comes with a more complex internal design. People … The SM58 has that peak at 3khz which makes it a nice vocal mic for live use. AKG D5 vs Shure SM58. Both the Sure SM58 and the Audio-Technica At2020 are some of the most famous microphones out there. Even though they are completely different beasts, a lot of people seem to want to know which one they should buy, especially considering that they … Audio-Technica AT2020 vs Shure SM58… FYI, Shure SM58 Vs … Sound. It is also supplied with a break-resistant stand adapter that is rotatable up to 180 degrees for easy and versatile mounting. It features a pneumatic shock-mount system that cuts down most handling noise, and a built-in spherical wind and pop filter. So per the spec sheets from Shure, the SM58 is 10.5 oz., while the PG58 is 11.3 oz.

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